EBU Regulations, Clubs and Club Players

Our regulations are published in the Blue Book. These apply to EBU competitions but can also be used by any other affiliated bridge club or group. There are different levels so you can choose one to suit your needs(e.g. Level 4 for normal play, Level 2 for novices events and there is also a list of items that may be removed from Level 4 for those clubs who prefer a simpler game). If you want advice please contact jonathan@ebu.co.uk.
Each club may make its own regulations however most find it much easier to follow EBU guidance. Life is simpler if we have one set of rules particularly if players play at more than one club or fancy a game when away on holiday.
You must play by the Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge but you can draw up your own regulations and still be affiliated to the EBU and still give master points.

Jeremy Dhondy
Chairman, Laws & Ethics
Updated July 2013