Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2007

2017 Laws

Please note that the laws have been updated by the WBF in 2017, and came in to effect in EBU competitions from 1st August

2007 Laws

The 2007 Laws are available to download from here, with the proviso that they are for individual use only and should not be reproduced in multiple copies or for commercial gain.

In England the new code took effect on August 1st 2008.


It is rare for the World Bridge Federation to make any amendments to the laws between revisions. The have issued one footnote which is intended to clarify the situation regarding the change to an unintended call as allowed in Law 25A. The footnote (dated December 2011) is as follows:

A player is allowed to replace an unintended call if the conditions described in Law 25A are met, no matter how he may become aware of his error.

Footnote to Law 25A (Dec 2011)

Anyone who has a law book should make this amendment to their law book.

Approved by the WBF Laws Committee - October 18th 2011 (Veldhoven Meeting 1 - item 6) and by the EBU L&E Committee on Jan 11 2012. (item 2.3.2)

Commentary on the 2007 Laws

Ton Kooijman (WBF Laws Committee Chairman) has written a commentary on the 2007 Laws. It carries no official weight but has some useful ideas. However please note that a number of the sections do not apply in England.

In Autumn 2008 the EBU held a series of One Day Seminars on the new laws. The booklet used in the seminars is available to download.

The International Laws of Contract Bridge 1993

The rubber bridge laws are available at the ACBL site.