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Finalising a Knockout

To finalise a knockout, simply click on the button at the top of the knockout page, Finalise Knockout. This will ask you to confirm that you're sure, so if you are then hit Ok and you're done! However, before finalising it's a good idea to make sure that:

  1. There are no unplayed matches.
  2. Every match includes the lineup of players who played in that match. This is absolutely necessary for the winning team, and not so important for the losing team.
  3. The setup of the Rounds includes the masterpoint awards. If you don't fill this in, your players won't earn any masterpoints!

We process masterpoints and subscription payments once a month, on or shortly after the 8th.

If you've made a mistake or get a late change of result then please contact the EBU immediately. It is much easier to fix things before we process the knockout than afterwards.

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