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-====== Knockout Draw System ====== 
-The Knockout Draw System (KDS) can be used by counties, districts and clubs to organise their knockout events. It is also used by the EBU for its own national knockouts. It takes care of many of the headaches of running a knockout such as calculating masterpoints,​ submitting information to the EBU for payment and checking if regulations have been followed. It also allows knockout organisers to delegate some tasks to the team captains. 
-===== Accessing the KDS ==== 
-The KDS is available through the [[https://​​members/​v2|My EBU]] area on the EBU website. To log in you will need an EBU number and password. Knockout organisers must log in as the account which is running the knockout e.g. if it is a county league you must log in as the county, not as yourself. Information on logging in can be found on [[https://​​passwords|the help page]]. 
-**Important**:​ EBU accounts have just one password, so club and county users should be aware that resetting the password will lock out all of their colleagues who have access. 
-Team captains must log in to their personal EBU account, even if they are captaining a club or county team. If you wish to be made a captain and do not have access yet, please contact the knockout organiser. 
-Once logged in to My EBU, the KDS can be found under the Utilities menu. 
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