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All about secondary county members

Some EBU members are members of more than one county. They will have a primary county, which is the county that they can represent in national events like the Tollemache, and one or more secondary counties.

In the past the EBU has had no involvement in secondary membership and left that for counties to deal with the member directly, but we now offer some tools to help manage this.

What to do as a county

If you log into My EBU as the county and go to the Members tab, you will find a section listing your secondary members. It will look something like this:

This simple list shows the name and EBU number of the people whom you have nominated as secondary county members. The icons to the left show whether that member has approved the membership or not. A tick means they have, and a cross means they haven't.

Note that anonymous members do not show their names. It's unlikely that any will want to join a second county, however.

Why do they need to approve the membership?

Approving a membership means that the county will have access to all the same information as they have about primary members - address, email address, phone number, etc. We can't give this out to any county that simply asks for it, so the member needs to give their permission first.

What happens once it's approved?

Approved secondary members will appear in the county CSV file alongside the primary members. There is a field, IsSecondary, which shows you whether they are primary or secondary.

Note that the CSV download retrieves data captured in the morning, so newly approved members won't appear until the next day.

Adding a new secondary member

To add a new secondary member (initially unapproved, of course) just click on the Add Secondary Member button, and enter their EBU number.

Removing a secondary member

To remove a secondary member, click on the remove link next to their name.

What to do as a member

If a member logs into their personal My EBU, they can find all their memberships listed in the Secondary Counties section, under the Account menu at the top right. They will see something like this screenshot:

This member has been nominated by Yorkshire and Suffolk as a secondary member - they will have primary affiliation to another county. They have currently approved the Suffolk membership, which means that Suffolk officials will have access to their membership details, but have not approved Yorkshire.

To change the approval settings, the member needs to click on the icon to change it from ticked to crossed, or vice versa.

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