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Reporting issues

My EBU is a complex piece of software, and while we endeavour to test everything before releasing it there may still be the odd issue that you come across while using it. If you find something doesn't work, or breaks the page somehow, please have a look at these instructions before reporting it to the EBU.

Start with a clean slate

Your browser tries to speed up website loading time by storing some files locally so it doesn't have to download them. This is called caching. Sometimes, particularly when a new version of the software is released, the cached version of a file is not the version you need and this can cause problems. So to make sure that this isn't the issue you're experiencing, it's a good idea to clear your browser's cache and refresh My EBU to reload a fresh copy. Now see if the problem still occurs.

If you don't know how to do this, this website explains how.

Find out your browser version

If you contact us with an issue, the first thing we'll probably ask you is what browser you're using. Many issues are specific to only one browser, so we need to use the same browser if we want to reproduce the problem. It would therefore be super helpful if you tell us this information in the first place.

If you do not know what browser you're using, this website tells you.

Running My EBU in a different browser will often resolve your problem, so if you feel up to doing this then that is worth giving a try. At the very least it will confirm that your issue is browser-specific, which will help us track the problem down.

Be specific when you contact us

When you contact us, which is best done by email, please be as detailed as you can about the problem. Tell us what you were doing when it happened and what you saw on the screen to tell you that it was broken. If you were submitting a file it would be helpful if you attached that file to the email.

It's very difficult for us to fix a problem if we can't reproduce it at our end, so please make it as easy for us as you can.

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