April 2013

Welcome to the new website!

It's been a long time coming, but we're finally ready to unveil our new-look and (hopefully) much-improved website. We hope you like the changes and have fun rediscovering what the EBU has to offer on the web.

We ask all our members to please note that there are over 4000 pages on the EBU website and the migration process will take several more weeks to complete. You will undoubtedly find things missing, or pages that link back to our old website, so please bear with us. While this is going on our old website will still be available should you need to go back and look up something there.

If you have any feedback or encounter any problems please email webmaster@ebu.co.uk.

Kay and Cope win Easter Championship Pairs

Congratulations to Alan Kay and Jerry Cope for winning the main Championship Pairs at the the Easter Festival in London. They finished narrowly ahead of Graham Osborne and Alex Hydes. Espen Erichsen and Andrew Cairns finished third.

Glyn Liggins, Sarah Waddington, Joe Fawcett and Gillian Fawcett won the Swiss Teams on Sunday; Tom Townsend and Mark Teltscher won the Swiss Pairs on Monday; and Jamie Herring and Hugo Kirby won the under-19 pairs.