May 2013

U25 Pairs Championship to be held at Brighton

A reminder that the Under 25s Pairs Championship, which was formerly played at the Easter Congress, will now be held as a one-day two-session event at the Brighton Summer Meeting on Tuesday 13 August 2013.

This will provide an extra opportunity for the many young bridge players who traditionally support the Brighton Congress. Juniors who are visiting from other countries are also welcome, as well as those who may wish to come just for the day. There will be several prizes including one for the best Under 19s score, as well as the Under 25s Pairs Championship Trophy.

Hackett wins Crockfords Cup on split tie

Congratulations to the Hackett team (Paul Hackett, Tom Hanlon, Peter Lester, Hugh McGann, Ian Panto) who won the Crockfords Cup at the weekend. It couldn't have been any closer, as they edged Irens (Nick Irens, Espen Erichsen, Tom Townsend, Zia Mahmood, David Bakhshi) on a tie-break. Hawkes finished third.

In the Plate competition, the Ford team (David Dickson, David Ould, Ken Ford, Ian Swanson) were victorious, followed by Feldman and Wilson.

Selections for the European Youth Bridge Championship

U25 team
Tom Paske & Graeme Robertson, Shivam Shah & Basil Letts, Sarah O’Connor & Dan McIntosh
NPC: David Gold
Coach: Alex Roberts

Freddie Illingworth & Chris Huber, Kyle Lam & Tommy Brass, Toby Nonnenmacher & Michael Alishaw
NPC: Michael Byrne
Coach: Alan Shillitoe

de Botton win Spring Fours 77 - 61

Congratulations to the de Botton team (Janet de Botton, David Burn, Thor Erik Hoftaniska, Thomas Charlsen, Nick Sandqvist and Artur Malinowski) who have won the 2013 Schapiro Spring Foursomes. They trailed in both the semi-final and final by substantial margins but came back in both to win the cup, edging the Norwegian Tøndel team by 1 IMP and then Penfold by 16 IMPs.

Earlier Penfold beat Allfrey in the other semi-final by 59 IMPs after Allfrey claimed their extra 8 boards.

Best wishes to Clare on her wedding day!

Clare Dumbarton, the EBU's hard-working membership and accounts assistant, had her last day in the office on Wednesday before she gets married on Sunday. We'd like to wish her and her fiancé Tom the very happiest of days and all the best for their future together. When she returns from her honeymoon she will be Mrs Clare Burnage.