July 2013

New WBF Victory Point scales come into force

The World Bridge Federation has issued new recommended Victory Point scales, and these came into force in EBU events on 1st September 2013. To help tournament directors get to grips with them we have produced a calculator tool which will give the scale (continuous, discrete and for triangular matches) for any number of boards. The EBU will be using the continuous scale for the Premier League and other trials, and the discrete scale for all other events.

August edition of Events Focus now available

Our eleventh Events Focus is now available; keeping you up to date with forthcoming events and providing news on changes that we hope will improve your enjoyment of our varied calendar, with less travel for many, no hotel bills, earlier start and finish times. We'll be releasing this each month, so you can keep fully up‐to‐date with what's going on.

Events Focus extra: July

Each edition of Events Focus will now include an article or two written especially for our tournament players.

Bidding as Communication
by Ian Swanson

There is a major problem with bidding – each bid is at best a compression of what you want to say. They carry messages, but cover a wide variety of hands.

Fortunately if you have enough space the messages grow stronger, and then trusting your partner is critical.

2013-2014 Diary

A reminder that the EBU diary will reach members with the October edition. Please note that the diary will always come out with the October edition of English Bridge.

August edition of English Bridge now available

In the next few days your copy of English Bridge will be posted through your door, but for only the second time, the August issue is also available in your EBU members area.

The August edition and the past five editions have all relevant web links enabled so you can click to go directly to any site mentioned. In addition, page numbers can be clicked on, so you can visit that page. We have included additional content too.

House of Lords receive second primary school visit in 2013

On 18 July the All Party Parliamentary Group demonstrated their further support for the development of duplicate bridge, by inviting twelve pupils from Spaxton Primary School, Somerset to the Houses of Parliament to play a game of Minibridge.

On their arrival, the children were treated to a meeting with the Lord Speaker of the House of Lords, Baroness D'Souza. The Lord Speaker asked the children which game they preferred from chess or bridge, and all of them answered that bridge was their favourite! Afterwards, the school was treated to a grand tour of the Houses of Parliament conducted by Lord Skelmersdale and Lord Hamilton.