September 2013

2014 diary delayed until December

Unfortunately, due to circumstances entirely beyond our control and detailed in the email we received recently, we will be unable to deliver the diary with the October copy of English Bridge as planned. We are sorry about the inconvenience to members. The diary will now be enclosed with the December issue of the magazine which our members will receive towards the end of November. This also means that some members who have requested not to receive a paper magazine will get one this month, but it is impossible to stop the delivery on this occasion, for which we apologise.

England women win silver medal

The final of the World Teams Championship in Bali was very close throughout, with the lead changing hands many times. England led by 0.33 IMPs after 92 boards, but the USA had the better of the last four and won 229-220.33 to take the Venice Cup. Congratulations to Nicola Smith, Sally Brock, Nevena Senior, Heather Dhondy, Susan Stockdale and Fiona Brown with NPC Jeremy Dhondy and coach David Burn.

The Open team lost in the quarter-finals to a very strong Monaco team and the Scottish seniors were knocked out by the USA at the same stage. Italy won the Bermuda Bowl and Germany won the d'Orsi Trophy.

Photo by Elisabeth van Ettinger courtesy of WBF.

West of England win NICKO Plate

Congratulations to the West of England 'C' team, who have won the 2012-13 NICKO Plate final. Their team of Irene Robinson, Mike Huggins, Jeremy Rickard and Aidan Schofield beat the Cambridge 'E' team of Peter Bhagat, John Liebeschuetz, Mike Seaver and Clive Stops.