February 2014

English success at NEC Bridge Festival

English players were successful at the NEC Bridge Festival in Yokohama which concluded on 16th February.

The team of Frances Hinden, Graham Osborne, Alex Hydes & Mike Bell were second in the main competition, the NEC Cup, defeated in the final by the defending champions.

Derek Patterson & William Whittaker won the Yokohama IMP Pairs, and Alex Hydes & Mike Bell were second in the Asuka Cup.

Overseas Congress in Malta a great success

The EBU Overseas Congress in Malta has recently concluded, and was a great success. The bridge was good, the sun shone nearly all week, and Malta provided a number of excellent excursions during the breaks in the playing schedule.

Photographs of the competition winners can be seen here. The picture shown here is from the 'Unofficial Awards' at the end of the event, hosted by David Jones. You can read about the recipients of his awards by following the 'read more' link below.

The next EBU Overseas Congress is in Montenegro in October.

New online games Prize Competition underway

The new Prize Competition for the EBU online games has begun and is currently being led by s_cane. They are on 1.06, with diana_eva second on 0.9. rifd and sangwin are close behind on 0.76 and 0.71 respectively.

The player who accumulates the most BBO Master Points in our games in each calendar month will receive BB$20. Second place will receive BB$10.

The competition is open to everyone, including non-EBU members and those overseas, and hopefully gives an added incentive to those who play infrequently, or are thinking of playing for the first time.

There is still time to catch up in February, but you can also try to move up the overall point winners list. There is no prize for this, but the kudos is certainly significant. In addition EBU Master Points are awarded, so EBU members can still accumulate those even if they are not likely to reach the top of the leaderboards.

Games are played on Bridge Base Online on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 4pm, Saturday at 4pm (with IMPs scoring), and Sunday at 4pm, 6pm and 9pm

EBU Selection Committee Announcement

Teams playing in international congresses and events should not call themselves England (nor allow the tournament organisers to designate them as such) without the prior approval of the EBU Selection Committee.

This policy applies to any name that might imply that it is a representative team, for example "England", "England Open", "England Women", etc. A name such as "England (Smith)" is likely to be acceptable.

If you are in doubt about whether a particular name is acceptable, please contact the Selection Committee before participating in the event.

Berks and Bucks defend Tollemache title

The Berks and Bucks team have won the Tollemache Cup for county teams of eight for the second year in a row. Things were a lot closer than last year, though, with second-placed Kent just 3 VPs behind and third-placed London just 4 VPs behind them. The team was identical to the 2013 champions: Sally Brock, Barry Myers, Ed Scerri, Gary Jones, Tim Rees, John Howard, Andrew Murphy and Richard Bowdery.