May 2015

Garden Cities finalists known

The Regional Finals of the Garden Cities trophy took place on 9th May in four locations. The top two teams at each qualified for the National Finals, which will take place on 13th June.

Northern Final
1st Bolton BC Lancashire Jeff Smith, Austin Barnes, Rod Greenhalgh, Stuart Norris, Paul Williams, Hilda Williams, Desmond King, Mike Nicholson
2nd Manchester BC Manchester Catherine Draper, Andrew Woodcock, Michael Byrne, Michael Newman, Alan Mould, John Holland, John Hassett, Jeff Morris
Midlands Final
1st Coventry & N. Warks BC Warwickshire Stephen Green, Martin Jones, David Kenward, Roger Bryant, George Cuthbertson, Ian Handley, Garry Watson, David Jones
2nd Cambridge BC Cambs & Hunts Paul Barden, Jonathan Mestel, Julian Wightwick, Catherine Jagger, Catherine Curtis, Paul Fegarty, Jon Cooke, David Kendrick
South-West Final
1st Bristol BC Avon Aidan Schofield, Mike Huggins, Steve Tomlinson, Robert Covill, Tim Brierley, Mike Elliott, Trevor Ward, Rob Lawy
2nd Allendale BC Dorset Jeremy Dhondy, Mike Pownall, Mark Hooper, Krzysztof Ginda, John Gardner, Margot Wilson-Gardner, James Dutton, Shirley Dutton
South-East Final
1st Chislehurst BC Kent Derek Patterson, Keith Ashcroft, Jon Chapman, Bill Charlwood, John Griffiths, John Hemington, Peter Law, Michael Prior
2nd Selsdon BC Surrey Denny Wade, Jagdish Aggarwal, Robin Clarke, Rosemarie Thompson, Steve Irwin, Tony Cherrett, Nick Press, David Elvin

Emphatic wins at the Lambourne Jersey Festival

The Lambourne Jersey Festival took place from 24th April to 3rd May, and saw a number of emphatic victories in the Green Point events.

The Swiss Pairs was won by Sue Woodcock & Nick Woodcock (both Lancashire), who finished 15 VPs ahead of the field after twelve matches.

The Swiss Teams was won by Andrew Moore, Jane Moore (both Suffolk), Paul Martin & Roz Bavin (both Channel Islands) who finished 15 VPs clear.

The Seniors Teams was won comfortably by Roy Garthwaite, Heather Hobson, Janet Latham, Ted Latham (all Yorkshire), and Roy and Heather also won the Seniors Pairs by nearly three per cent.

The event also included a number of Blue Point competitions, and all the results are available below.

EBED Spring Sim Pairs

This week it's the EBED Spring Sim Pairs and we'd like to wish all those taking part good luck. Below you'll be able to find all the results and commentaries as soon as they come in. Don't forget to check out our two new features - user-submitted comments and a double-dummy hand player on every board page. We hope you have fun with them.

Proceeds from the event go to supporting the work of English Bridge Education and Development. EBED is the national charity for the promotion and development of bridge and is working to encourage more people to take up bridge, as well as building the infrastructure which will make that aim a reality. Thank you for taking part and supporting the charity.

Tuesday 5th May Commentary Booklet
Wednesday 6th May Commentary Booklet
Thursday 7th May Commentary Booklet

Hinden team wins Schapiro Spring Fours

The Schapiro Spring Fours has been won by Frances Hinden, Jeffrey Allerton, Graham Osborne (all Surrey) and Jon Cooke (Cambs & Hunts).

The second seeds went undefeated throughout the competition, defeating in the final the 8th seeded Vitas team: Lotan Fisher, Ron Schwartz (both Israel), Vitas Vainikonis, Wojtek Olanski (both Lithuania), Waseem Naqvi (Middlesex) and Dror Padon (London). They won the 32 board final by 4 IMPs, though by virtue of their unbeaten record could have extended the match if they were trailing at the scheduled conclusion.

The semi-finals were also close contests, with the Hinden team defeating the Mossop team by just 6 IMPs, and the Vitas team defeating the top seeded Allfrey team by 8 IMPs.

The Spring Fours is generously sponsored by Mrs Helen Schapiro, and she is pictured presenting to the winning team the trophy, which she has donated in the name of her husband, the late, and truly great, Boris Schapiro.

During the event Brian Senior - part of the Penfold team which reached the quarter finals - wrote reports on some of the boards from the competition. His report on the final is available here - other rounds are available through the results page, along side a report from the 2000 Spring Foursomes.

A feature on the 'bridge is a sport' debate, with the Spring Foursomes as a backdrop, was in the Independent on Sunday, and available here.

Miller wins Punchbowl, Helle wins Hamilton Cup

The Punchbowl and Hamilton Cup, the consolation competitions at the Schapiro Spring Foursomes event, concluded yesterday (Monday 4th May) in Stratford-upon-Avon.

The Punchbowl, the primary consolation competition, was won by the team of Robert Miller, Ufuk Cotuk, Jim Deacon & Mark Tilley (all Northants; pictured left). They defeated the team of Tony Hill (Gloucs), Martin Garvey (Surrey), Kim Bensby & Lars Villinger (both Denmark) in the final.

The Hamilton Cup - a one-day Swiss Teams event - was won by Rob Helle, Roger Bryant, Stephen Green (all Warks) & Jerry Stamatov (Middlesex) (picture). They finished the six round event on 97 VPs, well ahead of two teams tied on 79 VPs: Tim Rees (Berks & Bucks), Paul Barton, Samantha Punch & Brian Spears (all Scotland); and Paul Hackett (Staffs & Shrops), John Hassett (Manchester), Christian Mari (France) & John Sansom (Worcs).

Sim pairs double dummy feature

We have added a new double dummy analysis feature to our online Sim Pairs commentary. This will allow you to see what you could - or should - have done when you played the board as part of our sims events.

This new feature is in addition to the comments board which we recently added, through which you can make observations on the hands, and discuss your play and the results with your fellow participants.

We hope you will use these new additions and some interesting and fun conversations will take place.

If you need any help using the features please check our information pages.