September 2015

October issue of English Bridge out now

The October issue of English Bridge has been sent to all eligible members, and is also available to read online for those members who have not accumulated enough magazine points to receive a printed version, those who prefer to read a digital version, or those members who wish to access the ‘web content’ to which the magazine links.

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Judicial Review in to whether bridge is a sport has concluded

The Judicial Review in to Sport England's position that bridge should not be considered a 'sport' took place at the High Court on Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd September.

It is expected that the ruling will be made in the next few weeks.

The most recent Press Release from the EBU, summarising some of the points which were made during the case, is available here.

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World's top players accused of cheating

The international bridge world has again been stunned by accusations of cheating. Claims have been made against the top ranked players in the world, Fulvio Fantoni and Claudio Nunes, with suggestions made that the orientation of the card when they make their opening lead gives an indication as to their holding in the suit. The information and 'evidence' was revealed in an article on the Bridge Winners website. This follows the accusations made against Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz.

Update: Accusations made against Alex Smirnov & Josef Piekarek of the German term, have led to them acknowledging previous unethical behaviour. Germany have withdrawn from the forthcoming Bermuda Bowl, as have Monaco and Israel (following the Fantoni/Nunes and Fisher/Schwartz allegations). Their places in the competition have been taken by Sweden, Denmark and France.

Michael Clark has made two videos which explain the basis for the accusations: Fisher/Schwartz video; Fantoni/Nunes video.

He also made a video to cover the accusations made against Michael Elinescu and Entscho Wladow, the 'coughing Germans'.

De Botton team takes early lead in Premier League

The Premier League has started, with the first round of matches taking place at Manchester Bridge Club on 12th & 13th September.

The leaders of the First Division after the first weekend is the team of Janet de Botton, Espen Erichsen, Glyn Liggins, Artur Malinowski, Nick Sandqvist & Tom Townsend. They are on 102.48 VPs, 18 VPs ahead of the Allfrey team.

The Second Division is being led by Paul Hackett, Ollie Burgess, John Hassett, Jeff Morris, Alan Mould, & John Sansom. They are just 2 VPs ahead of the Ewart team.

The winners of the First Division will earn selection to represent England in one weekend of the 2016 Camrose Trophy series and the European Champions' Cup 2016, if England qualifies.

10,000th order placed at EBU online shop

The 10,000th order at the EBU online shop was placed today.

Mr Saxton from Southampton was the customer placing the landmark order, and has won a £25 voucher to spend in the shop.

The online shop was launched in April 2014, and provides the stationery, equipment and gift items which clubs and individual members need. EBU members, affiliated clubs, and EBUTA (now EBTA) members all receive special discounts, and profits from the shop are reinvested in the EBU, so every purchase benefits the membership. Orders can also be placed over the phone on 01296 397851 or by email -

To see the full range of products available visit

EBED Autumn Pairs

The EBED Autumn Sim Pairs are now finished and you'll be able to find all the results and commentaries at the links below. Don't forget to leave a comment on the board pages if you played any fun or interesting hands. Master Points will be credited once the last results are in and checked.

The results page for each board also includes a link to a double dummy feature so you can see what you could, or should, have done on each board.

Proceeds from the event go to supporting the work of English Bridge Education and Development. EBED is the national charity for the promotion and development of bridge and is working to encourage more people to take up bridge, as well as building the infrastructure which will make that aim a reality. Thank you for taking part and supporting the charity.

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David Gold wins Player of the Year Competition

Congratulations to David Gold, who has won the 2014/15 Player of the Year Competition.

In the competition players gain points based on finishing in the top places of the most prestigious events on the EBU calendar. David has had a great year, winning the Premier League, Gold Cup, and the Point-a-Board competition at the National Teams Congress. He also finished second in the Crockfords Cup, he reached the semi-finals of the Spring Fours, and was fifth in the Swiss Pairs at the Summer Meeting.

The top finishers in the competition were:

Total Total
1st David Gold 49 12th Jon Cooke 14
2nd= Alexander Allfrey 42 13th= Sandra Penfold 13
2nd= David Bakhshi 42 13th= Brian Senior 13
2nd= Tony Forrester 42 13th= Nevena Senior 13
2nd= Andrew Robson 42 16th= Justin Hackett 12
6th Andrew McIntosh 30 16th= Ed Jones 12
7th= Jeffrey Allerton 24 18th= Michael Byrne 11
7th= Frances Hinden 24 18th= Brian Callaghan 11
7th= Graham Osborne 24 18th= Phil King 11
10th Alex Hydes 22 18th= Waseem Naqvi 11
11th Dror Padon 16

The full list of point winners - over 130 players scored points this year - can be seen here.

The competition will run again in 2015/16, so try to earn points to see your name among the game's elite, gain kudos from your peers, and maybe win £1000. For more information see here.

To be in with the best chance of winning ensure you have entered the Crockfords Cup - entries close on 10th September.

Senior team wins Crockfords Cup; Miller team wins Plate

The finals of the Crockfords Cup and Crockfords Plate took place on 5th & 6th September in Birmingham.

The Cup was won by the team of Brian Senior, Sandra Penfold (both Yorkshire), Nevena Senior (Middlesex), Alex Hydes (London), & Ed Jones (Oxfordshire). This is the second victory in the competition for Brian (1982) and Alex (2006), and the first for Sandra, Ed and Nevena. They finished on 94 VPs, seven ahead of the team of Alexander Allfrey, Andrew McIntosh (both Middlesex), Tony Forrester (Herefordshire), David Gold, David Bakhshi, & Andrew Robson (all London).

The Plate competition was won by the team of Robert Miller, Daniel Baines, Jim Deacon, Mark Tilley & Chris Wormleighton (all Northamptonshire) (picture). They finished 9 VPs ahead of Jeremy Baker, James Guiton, Fred Hotchen, Richard Hyde, Alister McDonald, & John Sherringham (all Hants & IOW).

The Crockfords Cup is England's premier knockout competition for teams of four. The Plate competition is for those unseeded teams who lose their first match. More information can be seen on the event webpage. Entries for the 2015/16 competition close on Thursday - to take part please enter online, or contact the competitions department on 01296 317203 or via