November 2015

Mixed results for England Women in Hua Yuan Cup

England's Women's team has taken part in the Hua Yuan Cup in China. Promoted as the 'World Women Elite Bridge Tournament' it featured seven international teams, and team from the host city of Beijing.

In the Pairs event Fiona Brown & Catherine Draper achieved an excellent result, finishing second, just 0.2% behind the winners. Sally Brock & Nicola Smith were 11th, and Heather Dhondy & Nevena Senior we're 21st.

In the teams event, the result was more disappointing, with England finishing at the foot of the table after two wins and five defeats. The winners were the team representing Beijing.

Littlewood/Musson & Oram team win main prizes at Seniors Congress

The Seniors Congress has taken place in Birmingham, with victories for Frank Littlewood & David Musson (both Yorkshire) (pictured left) in the Championship Pairs, and the Oram team in the Swiss Teams.

The Championship Pairs began with two qualifying rounds, with the top twenty pairs contesting the A final, and the next twenty playing in the B final. Frank & David won the A final with a score of 55.56%, narrowly ahead of Greer MacKenzie & Hastings Campbell (both Northern Ireland) in second (55.46%), and Mike Huggins & Irene Robinson (both Avon) in third (55.26%). The B final was won by Patrick Collins (Kent) & Andrew Petrie (Lancashire) (pictured here). The Swiss Pairs competition, for those knocked out of the Championship Pairs or only joining the congress on Saturday, was won by Frank Wright & Nicky Adamson (Kent) (pictured here).

The Swiss Teams event was won by the team of Derek Oram, Celia Oram, Alan Kay (all Herts) & Jeremy Dhondy (Hants & IOW) (pictured here). They won six of their seven matches to finish on 102 VPs. The 2010 winners, Patrick Collins, Andrew Petrie, Alan Nelson & Kath Nelson (both Manchester), also won six matches, and defeated the Oram team, but only scored enough to finish second, 5 VPs behind.

Night of the Stars returns for the final time

The ninth, and final, Night of the Stars, in aid of The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, The National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society, Alzheimer’s Research UK and React is coming soon. The auction to play with a 'star' will be taking place at Richmond Bridge Club on the afternoon of Sunday 29th November. Some Stars will be sold in advance in order to shorten the length of the auction. Booking is made through Anyone wishing to play with a Star should contact organiser Terry Hewett, either through the website, or by sending an email to

The actual Night of the Stars, when the Stars play with their lucky partners, will be taking place at The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability in Putney on Thursday 25th February. If you wish to take part and play with your regular partner, a limited number of tickets to do so will go on sale at the Charity/Auction Pairs and the remaining tickets will be sold to people on a waiting list (which is already quite full).

Mossop team wins Premier League

The Premier League has been won by the team of David Mossop, Jason Hackett, Justin Hackett, Alex Hydes, David Price and Colin Simpson (pictured left).

They started the second weekend in second place, behind the De Botton team, and the lead fluctuated between the two teams for the early part of the weekend. When both teams lost in round 5 and 6 the Allfrey team, who were undefeated across the weekend, moved ahead of them both, and held a very marrow lead with one match to go. With first playing third, and second playing fourth, any of those four teams could have won, and when the Allfrey and Hinden teams drew, the Mossop team's victory took them back to the top of the table for a final and decisive time. After 336 boards they had finished just 2.9 VPs ahead of the team of Alexander Allfrey, Andrew Robson, Tony Forrester, David Gold, David Bakhshi and Mike Bell. The Hinden team was third, a further 4.48 VPs behind.

The winners have earned selection to represent England in one weekend of the 2016 Camrose Trophy series, and the European Champions' Cup 2016 if England qualifies.

The Second Division was won by Andrew Black, Gunnar Hallberg, Phil King, Andrew McIntosh, Derek Patterson and Gerald Tredinnick. They had a very strong finish to the event, scoring 58.55 out of a possible 60 in the final three rounds, including two 20-0 victories against their near rivals, and won by 19.29 VPs. The team of Neil Rosen, Ian Draper, Martin Jones, Kay Preddy, Norman Selway and Jeremy Willans were second.

The First Division is part of the Championship Series, so all the members of the Mossop team are now joint leaders of the Player of the Year Competition.

House of Lords beats House of Commons

The 41st annual match between the House of Lords and the House of Commons took place on 4th November, and was won by a large margin by the team representing the Upper House. Aggregate scoring was used, and over 24 boards they finished 2940 ahead. The winning team is pictured.

This broke a run of victories for the team from the House of Commons, and the House of Lords now lead the series 22-19.

The event was sponsored by Lord Kalms, and organised by the two captains, Baroness Henig, and Bob Blackman MP.

The Tony Berry Trophy for the best played hand was judged by England international Tom Townsend, and presented to Tony McWalter of the House of Commons team. He is pictured here receiving the trophy.

The hands were set Paul Bowyer, and his fun and educational commentary is available for you to read below.

First Blue Points won at Autumn Really Easy Weekend

The Autumn Really Easy Weekend took place at Horwood House Hotel, near Milton Keynes, last weekend (30th October to 1st November).

The event was aimed at less experienced players, with three pairs and one teams competition across the weekend, coupled with a enjoyable, 'holiday' atmosphere. The prizes were well distrbuted, with only a few repeat winners, and many of the winning players earned their first Blue Points. The full results are available below, along with pictures of the winners.

The next Really Easy Weekend will take place 1st to 3rd April 2016 at Wroxton House Hotel, near Banbury. It is aimed at those below the rank of Master and lower than a Jack on the NGS scale. More information is available here.

Oram team retains the Gerard Faulkner Salver

The Gerard Faulkner Salver, for the Seniors Knockout Competition, has been retained by the team of Derek Oram, Celia Oram, Alan Kay (all Herts) & Jeremy Dhondy (Hants & IOW).

The final of the 2014/15 competition took place on 31st October, the Oram team facing Rob Lawy, Trevor Ward (both Avon), Kevin Elstow & Chris Mooney (both Berks & Bucks).

The Lawy team started well and led by 20 IMPs after 8 boards, and by nine at half time (24 boards). The fourth set proved decisive when the Oram team piled on 33 IMPs to lead by 24, which was the final margin of victory despite a swingy last 16 boards (10 out of 16 boards had a swing of 6 IMPs or more). The match was played in good spirits but was very keenly contested throughout.

The 2015/16 competition is underway. To take part in 2016/17 please enter in Spring 2016.

De Botton team stays ahead in Premier League

The second weekend of the Premier League has taken place in Coventry with the De Botton staying in first place in the First Division.

The team of Janet de Botton, Espen Erichsen, Glyn Liggins, Artur Malinowski, Nick Sandqvist & Tom Townsend only won four of their seven matches, but scored sufficient to stay on top of the table, albeit by a smaller margin. They are now 7.25 VPs ahead of the Mossop team (David Mossop, Jason Hackett, Justin Hackett, Alex Hydes, David Price, Colin Simpson).

The Second Division is being led by Paul Hackett, Ollie Burgess, John Hassett, Jeff Morris, Alan Mould, & John Sansom. They were just 2 VPs ahead after the first weekend, but stretched their lead to 21.34 VPs over the Ewart team.

The competition concludes this weekend: the First Division on 6th-7th November, the Second Division on 7th-8th. First Division matches will be be shown on Bridge Base Online. The winners of the First Division will earn selection to represent England in one weekend of the 2016 Camrose Trophy series, and the European Champions' Cup 2016 if England qualifies.

England Juniors finish in middle of pack in Paris

The second Paris Open Youth Bridge has taken place from 28th October to 1st November, with England's Juniors finishing in the middle of the pack.

In the initial qualifying phase they finished ninth of the 24 teams, so did not move on to the semi-finals. In the consolation point-a-board event they finished 10th= of the 20 teams. The team was Chris Derrick & Tommy Brass, and Nick Dean & Sean Mekie, with Alan Shillitoe as NPC.