March 2016

Club Stratified Sim Pairs

The Club Stratified Simultaneous Pairs is now finished and you will be able to find all the results and commentaries at the links below. You can leave a comment on any board through the boards pages, where you will also be able to play through the hand in the double-dummy viewer.

For those interested in how Michael did on Thursday's sim versus his computer opponents, he scored 50.7%. A victory for humanity, but just barely.

Monday 14th March Commentary Booklet
Tuesday 15th March Commentary Booklet
Wednesday 16th March Commentary Booklet
Thursday 17th March Commentary Booklet

Stratification levels

The main strat ‘A’ is open to everyone but if either member of the pair is a Tournament Master or above you will be in the ‘A’ strat and can only get master points from the overall ranking.

If both players are below the rank of Tournament Master they will be ‘B’ strat; both below Master in ‘C’ strat and both below District Master in ‘D’ strat.

Blue points and local points will be awarded to the top third of the overall ranking list. In addition the top third of each strat will get blue points and local points.

Alishaw & Kennedy top National Pairs qualifiers

Junior internationals Michael Alishaw (London) & Stephen Kennedy (Sussex) topped the list of qualifiers in the National Pairs Regional Finals which took place on Sunday 13th March.

The heats took place at nine locations around the country, and Michael and Stephen, who played at Patcham BC in Brighton, led the field with 64.47% when scored across all venues. Edward Leatham & Nick Forrest (both Wilts), who played at Bristol BC, were second, with John Holland & Tony Coley (both Manchester), who played at Bradford BC, finishing third.

The top fifty pairs will compete in the National Final which will take place on 16th & 17th April.

In addition to the national scores, each venue was assigned to a region, and scores were calculated within that region for the purpose of awarding regional trophies. Those winners were:

Region Name Venue
Northern Region Clive Owen & Damian Hassan (both North East) Bradford
Midlands Region Aleksandar Lishkov (Oxon) & Mike Wenble (Berks & Bucks) Solihull
South East Region Michael Alishaw (London) & Stephen Kennedy (Sussex) Patcham
South West Region Edward Leatham & Nick Forrest (both Wilts) Bristol
Eastern Region Paul Barden & Jon Cooke (both Cambs & Hunts) Peterborough

Bridge is the new rock and roll

Rolling Stone magazine, which more usually writes about rock stars and actors, has reported on the Fisher/Schwartz affair and more from the world of bridge...

Seven up for Haberdashers' Aske as over 100 juniors play in Young Bridge Challenge

Over 100 junior players took part in the Young Bridge Challenge in Loughborough on 5th March. The event was organised by English Bridge Education and Development.

Haberdashers' Aske school, from north London, won the main event, the Schools Cup, for the seventh consecutive year. The team of Jonathan Clark, Dylan Dissanayake, Jack Ronayne, Kripa Panchagnula (see picture here) beat a team from Westminster School (Liam Sanderson, Theo Gillis, Luke Dunne, Isaac Channon) by 9 IMPs in the final. Teams from Nottingham High School, and Dragon School in Oxford, were the losing semi-finalists.

This was a third victory each for the members of the HABS team, and came at the end of a busy and very enjoyable day of bridge for all involved.

Twenty junior teams started a Swiss teams event, with the leading school teams moving on to the semi-finals of the Schools Cup, and the remaining teams continued in the Swiss event. The team of Jasmine Bakhshi, Elizabeth Gahan, Harry Madden and Oscar Selby claimed the Harry Scully Trophy (see picture here) for winning the Swiss teams event. They finished on 86 VPs from five matches, with the team of Alex Pemberton, Andy Cope, Megan Jones and Henry Rose second on 65 VPs (see picture here). The third placed finishers were Loughborough Grammar School - Sam Parry, Robin Nutkins, Roshan Lealh, Robert Dowsett (see picture here) - who won the School Plate as the leading school team remaining in the competition.

The minibridge event was won by Kazas Li and Jeffrey Chin from Loughborough Grammar School (see picture here).

EBED gives its thanks to Loughborough Grammar School for hosting the event, and to all the volunteers who made the day such a success.

England win Camrose by record margin

England have won the Camrose by 39.3 VPs, the largest margin since the format was changed in 2005.*

After establishing a huge lead on the first weekend, England extended its advantage on the second weekend, held in Llandrindod Wells in Mid-Wales. They won four of the five matches, the only defeat coming in the final match, against runners-up Wales, with the championship already secured.

Congratulations to the teams from both weekends:

1st weekend: Alexander Allfrey & Andrew Robson; Mike Bell & David Gold; David Bakhshi & Tony Forrester; NPC: David Burn; Asst NPC: Nick Smith.
2nd weekend: David Mossop & Alex Hydes, Jason Hackett & Justin Hackett, David Price & Colin Simpson; NPC. Richard Fleet - see team picture here.

NPC Richard Fleet (pictured left) received the trophy.

* - perhaps made even more impressive by the revised VP scales which are now used.

Three bronze medals for English women at Mind Games Championship

The England Women's team has won a combined three bronze medals at the IMSA Elite Mind Games Championship held in China.

The team was invited to participate as a result of their medal winning performance at the 2015 World Championships.

Nevena Senior, Fiona Brown, Sally Brock and Nicola Smith finished third of the four teams in the opening round robin, and then beat the Dutch team in the bronze medal match.

In the pairs event which followed, Nevena finished third playing with Wen Hu of China. Nicola and Sally were eighth.

Sally then won a bronze medal in the individual event, with Nicola finishing eighth and Nevena 17th.

Camrose concludes this weekend

The second, and final, weekend of the 2016 Camrose takes place this weekend. England had a fantastic first weekend, so are well set to reclaim the trophy - the Republic of Ireland having broken England's run of victories in 2015.

The team of David Mossop & Alex Hydes, Jason Hackett & Justin Hackett, and David Price & Colin Simpson, with NPC Richard Fleet, will be competing in Llandrindod Wells in mid-Wales. Play starts on Friday evening and concludes on Sunday evening. Matches will be shown on Bridge Base Online, and their vugraph schedule has the times of the matches.

The results will be available via the event website run by the WBU.

Detailed articles on the recent 'cheating scandals'

Two detailed articles have recently been published in the USA, looking at the background of the recent 'cheating scandals', and interviewing some of the key people involved in exposing the alleged violations.

Final Night of the Stars raises thousands for charity

The ninth and final Night of the Stars charity bridge pro-am took place on Thursday 25th February. A record 56 Stars played in the 56 table event and nine clubs played the hands on the night. Over £66,000 was raised for The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, The National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society, Alzheimer’s Research UK and React

Full results and a copy of the booklet of hand analysis can be found on the event website.