April 2017

EBUScore software update available

A software update for EBUScore was made available to download on 31st March, with version 1.1.5 introduced. If you haven’t yet updated your software you may wish to do so. The update is available via My EBU.

This update includes the re-introduction of code 11 for the submission of ‘social sessions’. For more information on using this code see here.

Laws of Duplicate Bridge to be updated in 2017

The World Bridge Federation will be updating the Laws of Duplicate Bridge in 2017, and these will come in to effect in competitions in England from the start of August.

You can buy a copy of the new law book now.

Please note that the WBF have notified us of two errors in the text - see here for more details.

This video from the EBU's Chief Tournament Director, Gordon Rainsford, explains a little more about the introduction of the laws, and the impact it will have on some of the more commonly occurring situations - those covered in our 'How Can I Help You?' series of videos.

Courses will be organised by English Bridge Education and Development to help TDs update their knowledge of the Laws. More information on those will be available soon.

Scientific conference held on the benefits of bridge

A scientific conference took place last week on the topic of “Recreational Activity and Joy in Senior’s Life”, with a day devoted to the positive effects that bridge can have in this area.

One of the guest speakers was Prof. Sam Punch, of Stirling University, who is collaborating with English Bridge Education and Development on its work in to the health and wellbeing benefits of playing bridge. Speakers from six other countries also presented papers on the topic, showing the wide ranging interest in the positive impact of playing bridge.

Find out more on the charity's work on the EBED website.

Cambridge wins Portland Bowl

Cambridge have won the Portland Bowl, the UK's inter-universities competition.

Their 'B' team, which comprised Freddie Illingworth, Kripa Panchagnula, Kyle Lam and Michael Alishaw (Jonathan Clark had played in an earlier round in the competition), defeated Oxford A in the 48-board final by 40 IMPs. Cambridge A beat Bath by 15 IMPs in the playoff for third place. This was a fourth consecutive victory for Cambridge (their 14th in total) with Kyle playing in all four, and Michael and Freddie in the last three. It was Kripa and Jonathan's debut.

Thank you to the Portland Club for hosting the semi-finals and finals. The photograph shows Deputy Chairman of the Club, Giles Hargreave, presenting the trophy to the winning team.

Mould & Holland, and Nelsons & Goldenfields, winners at Northern Easter Festival

The Northern Easter Festival, held in Ilkley over the holiday weekend, saw a few multiple winners.

Alan Mould & John Holland (see picture here) won the Swiss Pairs competition by a single VP ahead of Sue & Nick Woodcock. The winners of the 'non-expert' prize were Charles Burton & Eric Finkle (see picture here). Earlier in the event John paired up with Jeff Smith (see picture here) to win the Open Pairs, finishing with 70.83%.

Bernard Goldenfield & Rhona Goldenfield and Kath Nelson & Alan Nelson (pictured) were the winners of the Swiss Teams competition. They finished 4 VPs ahead of Jeff Wilkins, Ann Wilkins, Michael Tomlinson & Linda Smith. Bernard & Rhona also claimed another trophy (see picture here), winning the Mixed Pairs competition on the opening day.

The Improvers Pairs, which was also part of the Really Easy Afternoon held across multiple venue (see the London Festival news item for more details), was won by Ian Bergel & Joan Robertson with 62.96% (see picture here). Mike Dunne & Mary Norman were in second place.

Burgess & Bakhshi win Championship Pairs at Easter Festival

David Bakhshi & Ollie Burgess (pictured) won the Guardian Trophy for the Championship Pairs at the Easter Festival in London. They finished on 59.35% with Tom Dessain & Tugrul Kaban in second with 59.07%. The competition is part of the Championship Series, and takes David to the top of Player of the Year Championship.

The Swiss Teams competition at the festival was won by Shahzaad Natt, Kiril Delev, Stefano Tommasini, Szczepan Smoczynski and Peter Ivanov (see picture here). They won all seven of their matches, finishing on 106 VPs. The team of Frances Hinden, Graham Osborne, Jeffrey Allerton and Martin Garvey were second with 99 VPs.

The Swiss Pairs event was won by Ben Green & Alistair Kent (see picture here). They were undefeated in their seven matches and finished on 114 VPs, with Jason Hackett & Ed Jones second with 104 VPs. The B Flight Swiss Pairs was won by Tony Ye & Xiaojia Rao (see picture here), just 1 VP ahead of Tony Verran & Brian Gladman.

The Really Easy Afternoon - an event for less experienced players, held at multiple venues around the country - was won by Richard Manning & Mustapha Rahaman who played in Billericay. Theo Anoyrkatis & Sam Anoyrkatis were second, and the top pair at the London heat. Ian Bergel & Joan Robertson were the top pair at the Ilkley heat, and finished in third place. David Kindred & Louise King were the top pair at the Exeter heat.

The event also included the U21 Championship Pairs - see here for details.

Online bookings available again in My EBU

Bookings can now be made online again for EBU competitions through My EBU. The new booking system is intuitive, and includes instructions at each step of the process to guide you through, so hopefully is easy for everyone to use.

This is the last major feature of My EBU for members to be introduced/re-introduced. Thank you for your patience while we went through our migration process. We hope that all normal services for clubs will have resumed in the next few days.

Nicola Smith and John Holland to be inaugural EBL Hall of Fame inductees

Nicola Smith and John Holland will be two of the inaugural inductees to the EBL Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame has been established to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the formation of the European Bridge League, and nine players will be inducted during a ceremony at the European Championships in Italy in June.

Nicola has played in the European Championships 24 times for Great Britain and England's Women's Team, winning a gold medal on eight occasions. She has also won numerous other medals, including gold in the Venice Cup twice. She was awarded an MBE in 1995 for her contribution to bridge.

John has played in the last six European Championships, the most recent four appearances in the Senior's event in which he won a gold medal in 2014. He also won the D'Orsi Bowl - the 'Senior World Championships' - in 2009.

The other inductees are:
Open - Paul Chemla (France), Benito Garozzo (Italy), Geir Helgemo (Norway/Monaco), Julian Klukowski (Poland)
Women - Bep Vriend (Netherlands), Sylvie Willard (France)
Senior - Apolinary Kowalski (Poland)