May 2017

Gold and Castner win Championship Pairs

David Gold and Kevin Castner have won the main pairs event at the Spring Bank Holiday Congress in Stratford. Their score of 58.40% was around 1% ahead of Alan Kay and Tim Rees in second, with Stefano Tommasini and Shahzaad Natt a little further back in third. The B Final was won by Robert Miller and Bill Taylor by a very large margin, and David and Jill Armstrong won the Swiss Pairs.

In the teams event, Stephen Kennedy, Ben Norton, Michael Byrne and Andrew Murphy came out on top, narrowly ahead of the Bakhshi team, with the Shields and Croft teams tied in third.

On Saturday there was also a Really Easy Afternoon, for the less experienced players, held both locally and in Billericay. Congratulations to Vinaychandra Gandhi and Amarjeet Singh for winning this, ahead of Janet Pollit and Clive Smith.

June issue of English Bridge out now

The June 2017 issue of English Bridge is out now, and will be delivered to all eligible members in the next few days.

The online version, which contains extra content including quizzes on some of the main articles, is available via My EBU. More details on accessing and using the online version is available here.

The County News articles from the magazine are available as a separate pdf, which can be accessed directly via this link - County News (an archive of these sections is available here).

Please note the following error: The Oxfordshire Congress is on 10th - 11th June, not 3rd - 4th June as printed on page 32 (this has been corrected in the online edition).

Article index now available

An index of all the educational articles which have been printed in English Bridge magazine since 2007 is now available, along with links to the correct pages of the relevant magazines.

From beginners lessons to advanced topics, and including conventions, techniques and tactics, there is something for everyone to learn from and enjoy.

Welcome to the Bridge Warehouse

Our shop has changed, and it’s not just the name which is new.

Following a comprehensive review of the shop, led by Graham Smith, one of the EBU directors, we identified a number of changes which should be made to ensure its continued success, and to take advantage of opportunities for it to grow. These changes will help it meet its core functions of providing bridge supplies to the widest number of members at the lowest possible prices, and ensure that it generates revenue which can be reinvested in the EBU. All profit from sales in the shop is reinvested by the EBU in activities and services for its members and affiliated clubs.

From today:

  • The shop will be called The Bridge Warehouse to reflect that it is open to all, and not just EBU members
  • The prices displayed will be the fully discounted prices - the price you see is now the price you pay, with no need to calculate your discounted price. This will help everyone see that on most items our prices are the lowest available
  • These prices will be available to everyone, as we hope this will increase sales to non-members and unaffiliated clubs, and increase the profits which the EBU can reinvest
  • We will have intermittent special offers which are available only to affiliated clubs, EBU members, and/or EBTA members

We hope that this is the start of an exciting, and profitable, new era for the shop which will ultimately benefit all members. If everyone shops at The Bridge Warehouse we will all be better off, so please support it.

A fuller article on the changes is available by clicking 'read more'.

Errors in the 2017 law books

The WBF have issued a notice advising of two errors in the text which they provided for the printing of the law books, and which has only been noticed after the EBU had printed their version of the book. These errors have been corrected in the EBU's pdf version which can be downloaded via this link, however those purchasing a copy of the book should note the necessary changes.

The changes which should be made are:

In 'Definitions'
Under 'Play', the final sentence should be numbered 4. So the full definition of play reads:

  • 1. The contribution of a card from one’s hand to a trick, including the first card, which is the lead.
  • 2. The aggregate of plays made.
  • 3. The period during which the cards are played.
  • 4. The aggregate of the calls and plays on a board.

In Law 23 C:
Law 30B1(b)(ii) should be Law 30B1(b)(i)

Norman team wins Hubert Phillips Plate

The Hubert Phillips Plate - the consolation competition for teams defeated in the early rounds of the Hubert Phillips Bowl (the mixed pivot competition) - has been won by Joanne Norman, Christine Bradley, Phil Norman, Mark Hooper & Krzysztof Ginda (pictured L to R).

In the final they beat the team of David Ewart, Nick Boss, Susanna Gross, Richard Johnson & Ewa Kater (Sarah Ewart played in earlier rounds).

The Bowl competition has reached the final, which will be played on the coming weeks.

England wins Corn Cairdis

The Corn Cairdis - the Cup of Friendship - has been won by England in the annual friendly match against Ireland. The events pits against each other teams representing the clubs, counties and officials of the EBU and of the CBAI. At half time on Saturday evening the Irish were winning but England turned it round on Sunday. The victorious EBU team is pictured (photo from Jane Scarfe).

Thanks to Norfolk Contract Bridge Association for hosting the event.

England wins Teltscher Trophy

England have retained the Teltscher Trophy, at the 'Senior Camrose' which took place in Belfast.

The England team of Nick Irens, Tony Forrester, David Kendrick, Norman Selway & John Holland started slowly, losing three of their first four matches, but thereafter were undefeated. They finished on 138.82 VPs, with Ireland second on 122.39 VPs, and the Patron's team (which included Clive Owen & Brian Senior) third on 96.83.

It is believed that Tony and David are the first English players to have won the Junior Camrose, Camrose, and Senior Camrose.

The NPC for the team was Derek Patterson. Colin Simpson, who recently received the EBU's Diamond Award, was selected for the team but due to ill-health was unable to take part.

Spring 2017 Club Management Focus newsletter now available

The Spring 2017 edition of the Club Management Focus Newsletter is available now here.

It contains news, articles to help you in the running of your clubs, details of forthcoming events, and important information about club administration. If you need any advice, or have any suggestions for issues you would like covered in the next newsletter, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Top 50 clubs by players 2016/17

Every year we produce a list of the top 50 clubs by number of player sessions in the year, and we are pleased to announce this year's list. The top 5 are available below, and the full list can be seen via the 'read more' link.

1 Richmond Bridge Club =
2 Wimbledon Bridge Club =
3 Kenilworth Bridge Club =
4 West Midlands Bridge Club Limited =
5 Bristol Bridge Club =