August 2017

EBU online competitions with Funbridge starting on Saturday

Starting on Saturday 2nd September you will be able to play in EBU competitions on Funbridge.

The games take place on Saturdays and Sundays, and you can play at any time between midnight and 10pm. This is possible because you will partner one of Funbridge's 'robots', and play against two other robots, so you don't need to be online at the same time as anyone else. The competitions consist of 20 boards, and you can play them at any time during the competition period, stopping and restarting as often as you want.

Acol is one of the bidding systems available for you to choose (which isn't always the case with some online platforms), and you can set which conventions and carding methods you and your robotic partner play.

The games cost €2 (when bought through the Funbridge website - by charging in Euros we can charge less than £2), and Master Points can be won. The competitions are open to everyone.

We hope you will take part. Please see the FAQ for more details on the competitions and for information on how to play.

Watch the Crockfords Cup live on Funbridge

The EBU will also be using Funbridge to show coverage of the finals of the Crockfords Cup on 2nd & 3rd September. See the Crockfords news item for details.

Max Bavin awarded WBF Gold Medal

Congratulations to Max Bavin, who has been awarded the World Bridge Federation's Gold Medal in recognition of his services over many years as the WBF's Head TD - a position from which he has recently retired.

The award was announced by WBF President Gianarrigo Rona at the World Championships which concluded this weekend in Lyon. Max became the EBU's Chief TD in 1986 (leaving the position in 2012) and was appointed the WBF's Head TD in 2003.

England win silver medal in Venice Cup

England's Women have won the silver medal in the Venice Cup at the World Championships. This great result means that England's Women have won medals in the last three Venice Cups - the only country to do so since 2003 - and in seven of the last eight major World and European competitions. Congratulations to Sally Brock & Fiona Brown, Catherine Draper & Nicola Smith, and Sandra Penfold & Nevena Senior (with NPC Derek Patterson and Coach David Burn).

The final against China started well, but the tide turned in the second session, and after five sessions England were willing to concede defeat.

NPC's blog: Derek Patterson, NPC for the team, has been writing a blog during the championship, and you can read it here.

Quarterfinal v. Russia

Semifinal v. Sweden

Final v. China

107-206 (concession after 5 sessions)

For the results from the round robin phase, and session results from the knockout stages, click 'read more'.

USA2 was winners of the both the Bermuda Bowl and D'Orsi Bowl competitions.

Update: In the Transnational Teams which ran in parallel with the main events, the Percy team of Peter Crouch, David Gold, Andrew Robson, Anita Sinclair, Zia Mahmood (USA) & Marion Michielsen (Netherlands) (with Marshall Lewis of Croatia as NPC) finished in third place.

Entries open for Senior Trials

Entries are invited for: the 2018 Teltscher Trophy Trials, which take place 16th-17th December; and the 2018 European Seniors Trials which take place over two weekends - 3rd-4th February and playoffs 10th-11th March.

The venue for all three weekends will be the West Midlands Bridge Club.

Applications should be made to by 30th September 2017

Osborne & Wood and Pownall team win at Northern Midweek Congress

The Northern Midweek Congress took place in Harrogate this week, with Graham Osborne (Surrey) & Philip Wood (London) and the Pownall team winning the two competitions.

Graham & Philip won the Championship Pairs with a score of 62.46%. Damian Hassan & Clive Owen (both North East) were second with 59.83%, and Derek Oram & Celia Oram (both Herts) were third with 59.12%.

The Swiss Teams was won by Mike Pownall (London), Mia Deschepper, Helen Houston & Steve Webb. They lost only one of their seven matches, finishing with 107 VPs. There was a tie for second on 97 VPs between the team of Val Gibson, Nichola Cockerill-Smith, Beverley Godfrey (all North East) and Pearl Murphy (Yorkshire), and the team of Stuart Davies, George Bak, Gill Copeland & Steve Blackburn (all Yorkshire).

Shivam Shah wins two medals at World Youth Open Championship

Congratulations to Shivam Shah (right) who has won a bronze medal in the teams competition at the World Youth Open Championships.

Shivam was playing with Christian Bakke (of Norway) and Guillermo Minutti (of Uruguay) & Maximo Crusizio (of Argentina)in the Villa Fabbriche team.

Stephen Kennedy & Michael Alishaw, and Ben Norton with Noah Thomas Apteker of South Africa, were narrowly defeated in the quarterfinals. In the BAM event which followed they were lying third prior to the final round, but had to withdraw. Shiavm's team carried on where they had left off, however, joining the competition and going on to take the silver medal.

The English players also put in good performances in the Pairs competition, although they missed out on the medals. Shivam, playing with Christian, finished 6th, Stephen & Michael were 8th, and Ben, playing with Noah, was 9th.

Robertson team win Four Star Teams at Summer Meeting

The Four Star Teams at the Summer Meeting has been won by Marion Robertson, Mike Bell, Sarah Bell, Kieran Dyke & Michael Byrne. The final was contested by the eight top teams at the end of the third session of the Swiss Teams competition, in an 'all-play-all' format. The Robertson team finished on 96 VPs, with the team of Gunnar Hallberg, Phil King, Andrew Black & Willie Whittaker, tied with the team of Shahzaad Natt, Petar Ivanov, Stefano Tommasini & Kiril Delev for second place with 73 VPs.

The B Final - which featured the teams finished 9th to 16th in the Swiss Teams - was won by Rob Cliffe, Alan Mayo, Karen Pryor & Malcolm Pryor. Norman Selway, Kay Preddy, John Cox & Peter Taylor were second.

Four further matches were played today by those remaining in the Swiss Teams. The winners, earning the Brighton Bowl, were Catherine Curtis, Paul Fegarty, Mike Scoltock & Richard Fedrick. Adrian Orlowski, Laura Porro, Gad Chadha & Debbie Sandford were second.

Junior and teaching awards presented at the Summer Meeting

At the Summer Meeting four awards have been presented to those who have excelled in junior bridge, and to those who have made significant contribution to the teaching of young players.

Young Player of the Year: Ben Norton
Young Pair of the Year: Stephen Kennedy & Michael Alishaw
The Alec Salisbury Award winner: Sarah Bell
The Tom Bradley Award winner: Jessica & Anton Mauve

The achievements of Ben, and of Stephen & Michael, during the period in consideration have been numerous. They have all been mainstays of the junior international squads which have enjoyed a good run of results recently - culminating in all four teams qualifying for the 2018 World Championships - and in domestic bridge they have all won titles at major EBU congresses. The links above give more detailed information.

The Alec Salisbury Award recognises a school teacher who has made a significant contribution to junior bridge. Sarah Bell, of St Paul's Girls School, was instrumental in the establishment of the U16 squad, and in the success that came about so quickly for the team. She has also established a bridge club at the school and has contributed to the development and growth of the Junior Award Scheme.

Jessica & Anton Mauve have been key in the burgeoning junior bridge scene in Kent, and were presented with the Tom Bradley Award, which recognises the 'non-school-teachers' who have made a significant contribution to youth bridge.

Missing diaries to be dispatched

We are aware that there are some members who will have expected to receive a diary, but haven't yet had it delivered to them. We have identified a glitch which occurred when the data was transferred from our old membership database to our new system and this resulted in some members being omitted from the mailing list. We believe we have corrected our records and are working to dispatch all missing diaries over the coming days, so they should be received soon. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

If you were expecting a diary, and have not received one, please wait until 20th August before contacting us about it to allow time for the second dispatch of diaries to be delivered.