September 2017

Win cash prizes in EBU online games with Funbridge

Our online games with Funbridge have been proving popular, and there is now another reason to take part - you can win cash prizes!

Starting in October, prizes will be awarded to those EBU members with the highest cumulative score from their best four results in our online games in each calendar month. The prizes are:

1st - £20 2nd - £10 3rd - £5

With games taking place each Saturday and Sunday there are nine chances in October to get four great results and scoop the prize.

Bonus prizes: Funbridge have kindly donated copies of their GOTO Bridge software and one will go to the top scorer in October, November and December, plus a copy to the top three scorers in the unofficial competition in September (see here).
Thank you to Funbridge for donating these prizes.

Links to the results from September's games, and the scores from the unofficial ladder competition in September, are available below.

About the games with Funbridge

The games take place on Saturdays and Sundays, and you can play at any time between midnight and 10pm. This is possible because you will partner one of Funbridge's 'robots', and play against two other robots, so you don't need to be online at the same time as anyone else. The competitions consist of 20 boards, and you can play them at any time during the competition period, stopping and restarting as often as you want. It's a great way to fill the gaps in your weekend.

Acol is one of the bidding systems available for you to choose (which isn't always the case with some online platforms), and you can set which conventions and carding methods you and your robotic partner play.

As well as the chance to win monthly prizes, Master Points are awarded for each game. Entry costs €2 per game.

We hope you will take part. Please see the FAQ for more details on the competitions and for information on how to play.

Allfrey team takes lead in Premier League

There are new leaders of Divisions 1 and 2 of the Premier League after the second weekend of matches. The Allfrey team and Dhondy team now lead their respective divisions, while the Gipson team stayed ahead in Division 3.

Aided by a large victory in the head-to-head match, the team of Alexander Allfrey, Mike Bell, Tony Forrester, David Gold, Graham Osborne & Andrew Robson overtook the Hinden team (Frances Hinden, Jeffrey Allerton, Michael Byrne, Kieran Dyke & Chris Jagger) and are now just under 4 VPs ahead. The De Botton team is in third place, a further 11 VPs behind.

As in Division 1, Division 2 saw the top two teams switch positions, with the Dhondy team (Heather Dhondy, Sally Brock, Brian Callaghan, Barry Myers, Franklin To) vaulting the Morris team and taking a lead of around 4 VPs. The Fawcett team is in third.

Paul Gipson, Alex Gipson, Sarah Bell, Alex Roberts & Graeme Robertson maintained their lead of around 3 VPs in Division 3, with the Igoe team in second, and the Gross team in third.

The final matches in all divisions will be played in Solihull on 4th & 5th November.

Entries for the NICKO closing soon

Entries for the National Inter-Club Knockout - or 'the NICKO', as it's often known - are closing soon.

This competition is open to teams representing affiliated clubs, with no limit on the number of teams any one club can enter. It is played as a knockout throughout, with the draw in the early stages regionalised to reduce travelling. A Plate competition is available at no extra charge.

In order to help to ensure that the players in each team are eligible to represent the club, entries must be submitted by the secretary of the club.

If your club intends entering a team - or multiple teams - can you please ask your club secretary to do so as soon as possible. The deadline for entries is Monday, but we'd be grateful if you could submit your entry this week. Entries should be made on the official entry form, and that can be downloaded from here. Please send any entry forms to

Ten TDs receive promotions

Congratulations to the ten Tournament Directors who achieved a promotion to the level of County TD at the recent County Directors weekend. The successful TDs were:

Srimath Agalawatte John Dagnall *
Jim Edwards Gareth Evans *
Nicky Ferguson * Mark Hooper *
Rob Richardson Keith Spencer
Jean Stelfox Steve Wright

* - passed with distinction

Hauge & Laland do double at Guernsey Congress

The week-long Guernsey Congress concluded on Sunday, with Reidar Laland & Rune Hauge (pictured) completing 'the double' of winning both Swiss competitions.

Playing with Dan McIntosh and Kristian Stangelan they finished the Swiss Teams on 186 VPs, 27 ahead of Bernard Goldenfield, Rhona Goldenfield, Joy Blakey & Irving Blakey. The Commins and Cooke teams were joint third on 152 VPs.

Rune & Reidar lost only once in the twelve-round Swiss Pairs to finish on 179 VPs. Dan Crofts & Andrew Thompson were second with 172, and Gordon Rainsford & Lorne Anderson were third with 158.

The other winners were:

Pre-Congress Pairs Gordon Rainsford & Lorne Anderson Pivot Teams Janet Latham, Ted Latham, Peter Baxter, Agnes Baxter
Men's Pairs Ted Latham & Peter Baxter Women's Pairs Mary Andrew & Margaret Andrew
Senior's Pairs Joy Blakey & Irving Blakey Open Pairs Dan McIntosh & Michael Bane
Mixed Pairs Susie Farnon & Robert Plumley Multiple Teams Bernard Goldenfield, Rhona Goldenfield, Joy Blakey Irving Blakey
Senior's Multiple Teams Bernard Goldenfield, Rhona Goldenfield, Joy Blakey Irving Blakey

Laurie Champniss: 1939 - 2017

The EBU is sad to learn of the death of Laurie Champniss. Laurie was the founder of South Bucks Bridge Centre, one of the country's busiest bridge clubs. In 2015, he generously donated the club to English Bridge Education & Development* - he is pictured (right) making the donation to then General Manager, Barry Capal.

* - EBED continues to coordinate a large teaching programme at the club, although it ceased running the club in 2016.

Participation in EBU online games grows

The EBU's online games with Funbridge took place again on Saturday and Sunday, with both seeing a sizeable increase in participants. The highest numbers were on Sunday, when 99 players took part across the day, building on the success of the opening weekend of games.

As you play with, and against, robots you can start whenever you wish, and stop and restart as needed - it's a great way to fill the gaps in your weekend and earn some Master Points.

The games will take place again next weekend - for more details on how to play see

Hinden team leads Premier League after first weekend

The team of Frances Hinden, Jeffrey Allerton, Michael Byrne, Kieran Dyke & Chris Jagger are leading Division 1 of the Premier League after the first weekend. They took a large lead on the first day but this was reduced to just 4.63 VPs on the second day by the Allfrey team (Alexander Allfrey, Mike Bell, Tony Forrester, David Gold, Graham Osborne & Andrew Robson) - in part by a large victory in the head-to-head match. The Rosen team lies third.

Division 2 is being led by the Morris team (Jeff Morris, John Hassett, Tom Slater & Alec Smalley, plus Catherine Draper & Andrew Woodcock joining the team later in the competition), 12.43 VPs ahead of the Dhondy team, with the Shields team in third.

The Gipson team (Paul Gipson, Alex Gipson, Sarah Bell & Alex Roberts, plus Simon Creasey & Graeme Robertson joining the team later in the competition) are ahead by just over 3 VPs in Division 3. The Igoe team is second, and the Porro team in third.

The second of the three weekends of matches takes place on 23rd-24th September. There will be coverage of Division 1 on BBO.

We are sorry for the problems with the coverage on BBO over the weekend. This was due to technical issues and operators being unavailable at short notice.

Allfrey & Robson retain Player of the Year title

Alexander Allfrey and Andrew Robson have jointly won the 2016/17 Player of the Year competition, retaining the title they won last year.

The competition awards points for finishing in the top places in the EBU's most prestigious events. Alexander and Andrew's main successes came with victory in the Swiss Pairs at the Summer Meeting, and as part of the winning team in the Premier League and Spring Foursomes.

1st= Alexander Allfrey 46 7th Zia Mahmood 32
1st= Andrew Robson 46 8th Tom Hanlon 30
3rd Mike Bell 42 9th Boye Brogeland 24
4th David Bakhshi 41 10th= Espen Erichsen 17
5th= Tony Forrester 34 10th= Chris Jagger 17
5th= David Gold 34

The full results, and more details on the competition, are available here.

Aviva offers funding for community projects

Clubs may be interested in applying for a grant through the Aviva Community Fund. Grants of £1,000 to £25,000 are given, with some going to those winning a public vote, and others to projects which impress a panel of judges.

A scheme to provide bridge would fit in the 'health and wellbeing' category, which cites improving mental health and reducing loneliness amongst its examples.

Please see the website for more details.

Please note that the EBU is not involved with the scheme, and is only passing on this information. We have no further knowledge beyond what is available to all on the website.