January 2018

EBED gives support to junior fundraising

English Bridge Education & Development has offered its support to the ongoing fundraising efforts for the junior teams participating in the 2018 World Youth Team Championships.

Not only will EBED be making a donation from its funds, but a page has been established on its website which allows individuals to make a donation to the fundraising effort through EBED, thereby allowing Gift Aid to be reclaimed. These donations will then be included as part of a larger donation by EBED to the EBU to support the junior teams.

Part of EBED's remit is to promote and develop the playing of bridge by those in full time education, and its constitution makes specific provision for supporting junior involvement in events organised by the World Bridge Federation. The fundraising will not only contribute to the costs of participation, but also to the squad's training sessions in the build up to the event so they can perform as well as possible in the competition. EBED hopes that this may give further enthusiasm to youngsters who may just be starting to play; that it may motivate more to give bridge a try; and that it may encourage more people to set up bridge activities for young players.

The EBU, and those involved in the squads are very grateful for EBED's contribution.

An update on sponsorship activity can be seen here.

Online games expanded; new year-long competition introduced

Following the success of our weekend online games with Funbridge, we have now introduced a game on Thursdays, which started on 18th January.

The games are proving popular as you can play at any time during the day (between midnight and 10pm), stopping and starting as often as necessary. This is because you play with, and against, robots, so don't need to be online at the same time as your partner or opponents. This means you can play any time, anywhere.

For more details on how to play, please see our FAQ page.

New year-long competition

In addition to our monthly ladder competition, we will be running a year-long competition in which you can win cash prizes. In the year-long competition, the player with the highest average from their 20 best scores in games played in 2018 will win £200, with further cash prizes for the rest of the top ten. This is in addition to the Master Points you can win in each game.

Join Stansfield BC in supporting England's junior teams

Stansfield Bridge Club has hit on an artistic way to raise money towards the cost of sending England's four junior teams to the World Youth Team Championships in August.

A limited edition print of a mesmerising bridge scene - entitled 'Dr Double' - by Rui Paes, an acclaimed painter, illustrator and muralist, is being offered for sale with all the profits going to support the junior teams. This is in addition to a donation from the club's own funds, and a further contribution through a raffle.

We are very grateful to all involved for their donation and for making this novel method of fundraising possible.

The prints will be signed by the artist in a limited edition numbered 1 to 500. Anyone wishing to purchase a mounted print (measuring 14½" x 11"), and in so doing give support to the junior teams, should place an order through Stansfield BC's website. The cost is £25 + post and packaging.

To find out more about the artist, and the print, click 'read more'.

England leads Camrose Trophy after first weekend

England sit atop the table after the first weekend of the Camrose Trophy, the competition between the teams of the 'home nations'.

On a tightly contested weekend in Northern Ireland, England was one of four teams to win three out of five matches, but did so by sufficient margins (and kept the defeats small enough) to finish in first place. England are 4.93 VPs ahead of the CBAI team (as hosts of the second weekend Ireland can enter two teams) and 10.56 ahead of Ireland.

Well done to the England team: Michael Byrne & Kieran Dyke; Jeffrey Allerton & Chris Jagger; Frances Hinden & Graham Osborne; NPC, David Burn.

The final weekend takes place in Ireland on 2nd-4th March.

English file format for bridge results goes international

We're pleased to announce that the world's largest national bridge organisation, the American Contract Bridge League, has decided to adopt the USEBIO file format standard for bridge results.

This format, originally developed by Surrey member Chris Stableford in the 1990s, has been used by EBU clubs and counties since 2010, allowing them to send their bridge session data to the EBU.

London Year End: Dyke & Robertson win Swiss Pairs; tie in Swiss Teams

Kieran Dyke & Marion Robertson (pictured left) were winners of the three session Swiss Pairs competition at the London Year End Congress between Christmas and New Year. They finished on 159 VPs, with Norman Selway and Kay Preddy second with 154 VPs, and David Gold & Kevin Castner in third with 151 VPs. The highest finishing 'B' and 'C' Stratification pair were David Stern & Howard Jennings who finished fifth.

The Swiss Teams competition finished in a dramatic tie, with the team of Martin Seligman, David Bakhshi, Heather Bakhshi & Liam Sanderson taking the title (see picture here). They beat the team which had been leading the competition for many rounds - David Kendrick, Tony Waterlow, Jerry Harouni & Ray Robinson - 15-5 in the final match to draw level and take the trophy on the split-tie. The team of Tim Prior, James Thrower, Gavin Mackay & Croz Croswell were third.

The leading 'B' Stratification team was Robert Wilkinson, Colin Johns, Steve Lynch & Paul Dolphin who finished 18th=. the leading 'C' Stratification team was Harry Madden, Kripa Panchagnula, Stuart Haring & Kavinthan Vickneswaran who finished 30th=.

The Open Pairs competition was won by Phil King & Shahzaad Natt (see picture here) narrowly ahead of John Cox & Ankush Khandelwal. The Mixed Pairs competition was won by Peter Hasenson & Gill Stock (see picture here), just ahead of Chris Duckworth & Brian Callaghan.

Blackpool Year End: Goldenfields win Swiss Pairs; Woodcock team wins Swiss Teams

At the Year End Congress in Blackpool between Christmas and New Year, Rhona and Bernard Goldenfield (pictured left) regained the Swiss Pairs title they won at the first Northern Year End Congress in 1997. They finished on 140 VPs from their ten matches, 4 VPs ahead of John Holland & Alan Mould - the winners each year since 2014. Haidee Tattersall & Andy Green were third with 132 VPs, and were also the highest ranked 'B' Stratification pair. The highest ranked 'C' Stratification pair were Kiat Huang & Graham Marshall who finished eighth.

The Swiss Teams competition was won by Sue Woodcock, Nick Woodcock (both for the third time), Stuart Clarke & Susan Fjortoft (see picture here). They pipped the team of Nick Forward, Dennis Loynes, Sue Evans & Stephanie Forward by a single VP.

The B Stratification prize went to Michael Rothwell, Sally-Anne Rothwell, Peter Boardman & Glenda Lloyd. The C Stratification prize was won by Marilyn Blake, Stephen Bentley, Paul Likely & Ken Broadbent.

Sue Woodcock & Nick Woodcock (see picture here) completed a double by winning the Open Pairs competition with David Flacks & Mark Weeks in second. The Mixed Pairs competition was won by Jim Deacon & Susan Deacon (see picture here), ahead of Marilyn Blake & Stephen Bentley.

Matthew Covill wins December online games ladder

Matthew Covill has won December's online games Ladder Competition. Matthew's four best scores in our online games with Funbridge in December averaged 67.26%, with John Pemberton second with 65.65% and Dean Swallow just behind in third with 65.56%.

These players receive a cash prize, and a copy of the GOTO Bridge software, kindly donated by Funbridge. Master Points are also awarded for each game - Matthew won just under 700 this month.

A new ladder competition for January got underway on New Year's Day, and will continue in our games which take place every Saturday and Sunday on Funbridge. You can play at any time during the day, stopping and restarting as often as necessary.

For more details on playing in our online games on Funbridge, please see this FAQ page.

Sorry to those players who were expecting an IMP-scored game on Boxing Day - a technical glitch meant this was not possible.