July 2018

U16s second in World Online final

England's U16 team have finished second in the WBF Online Youth Championships. Playing against China in the four session final, they won two of the sessions, but ultimately finished 51 IMPs behind. Nonetheless, second place exceeded expectations, and has given the team a lot of confidence before they fly to the World Championships in China on Sunday.

Members of the other teams will be completing their preparations by competing in the Summer Festival in London this weekend, before flying East on Monday.

Entries now open for Lady Milne trials

We are now accepting entries from pairs wishing to compete in the Lady Milne Trials. The Trials will consist of a Pre-Trial and a Trial.

All applications will be accepted for the Pre-Trials, which take place 11th-13th January 2019 at the Young Chelsea Bridge Club. The Trial, which will consist of a number of qualifying pairs from the Pre-Trials, plus any applicants the Selection Committee have chosen to exempt from the Pre-Trials, will take place on 1st-3rd February 2019, again at the Young Chelsea BC.

The entry fee will be £120.00 per player. The closing date for applications to dawn@ebu.co.uk is 30th September 2018.

The Lady Milne Trophy takes place 12th-14th April 2019, in Ireland (venue to be confirmed).

White Book for 2018 now available; Blue book unchanged

The updated White Book for 2018 is now available - 2018 White Book.

A list of changes made to the 2017 version is available here.

The significant change for TDs and players is the increase in procedural and disciplinary penalties - 25% top/6IMP/1VP and 50% top/12 IMP/2 VP (though of course, for players, this only affects them if they fail to follow procedure or behave badly!). Other changes relate to the new laws of bridge from 2017, updates made by the EBU, and changing interpretations by the Laws & Ethics Committee.

The Blue Book is unchanged in 2018 - the 2017 remains the correct book to use.

EBU makes donations to charity

The EBU is pleased to have made donations to charity on behalf of its members.

Whenever a club holds a charity event a special, reduced licence fee is paid to the EBU, and the EBU periodically donates the collated fees to charity.

The fees collected for the financial year 2016/17 - £1057.89 - have been donated to support hospice care for children and young adults.

The fees for 2017/18 - £1026.90 - have been donated to EBED, to help support its work to continue the growth of the game in England.

Atthey & Robinson, Dhondy team, and Catchpole & Schiff win in Scarborough

The EBU's Congresses have concluded their summer tour of the English coast with the newly-expanded Scarborough Congress.

Play began on Wednesday with the new addition to the schedule - the two-day Northern Seniors Pairs Championship. This was won by Anne Catchpole & David Schiff (pictured), with Arthur Hughes & Shefton Kaplan in second, and Alan Cooke & Gary Hyett - who were top scorers in the qualifying round - in third.

The B final was won by Jim Deacon & Trevor Thrower, and the Consolation final by Lyn Hilton & John Milne (see picture here).

Alongside the Senior Pairs on Thursday was an Open Pairs which was won by John Atthey & Richard Bowdery (see picture here).

John continued this form in to the weekend when he teamed up with Claire Robinson to win the Swiss Pairs (see picture here). They won ten of their twelve matches to finish on 176 VPs, with defending champions Sarah Teshome & Richard Winter in second on 166 VPs. There was then a three-way tie for third, just 1 VP behind, between Henry Rose & James Thrower, Gary Hyett & Alan Cooke, and Bill Niccol & John Gladders. The winners of the B Stratification prize were Phil Morrison & Tom Cohen, and the C Stratification prize went to James Carpenter & Jason Levesley.

Sandwiched between the Pairs events was a Multiple Teams competition which was won by Jeremy Dhondy, Bill Hirst, John Holland & Jackie Pye (see picture here). Sarah Teshome, Richard Winter, Daniel Winter & Liam Sanderson were second, with Steve Raine, Chris Cooper, John Sansom & Jason Hackett in third. The B final was won by William Clennell, Dominic Cooke, Charles Bucknell & Dominic Price (see picture here). The Chorley team and Smoczynski team were the top scorers in the Consolation finals (see picture here).

U16s finish preparations for China, supported by London bridge clubs

The U16s squad this week held its final training session ahead of the World Youth Team Championships.

They were supported by various bridge clubs in London, with Wimbledon Bridge Club acting as the base for the three days of practice. The team joined the members for their Wednesday Ploughmans session, where a raffle was held to raise money for the fundraising cause.

On Monday the teams attended Young Chelsea Bridge Club and took part in the British Summer Sim Pairs competition which the club was hosting that evening.

The U16s played at Richmond Bridge Club on Tuesday, and the members also made a contribution to the fundraising effort. £55,000 has now been raised to support the junior teams.

Thanks to all those who supported the juniors and made them welcome on their tour of London.

Cambridge BC teaching sessions support junior fundraising cause

Cambridge Bridge Club has supported the fundraising for the junior teams competing in China next month by organising a series of teaching sessions. International players, and coaches and players from the junior teams - Paul Barden, David Kendrick, Catherine Curtis, Paul Fegarty, Alan Shillitoe, Liam Fegarty and Jamie Fegarty - volunteered their time to run three sessions - on signalling, competitive bidding, and declarer play - which were attended by members of both CBC and other clubs in the area.

The event raised in excess of £1100, and combined with other recent donations the total has now reached £55,000.

CBC and the EBU would like to thank the speakers, the junior players who joined the sessions and all the members who supported the cause.

August issue of English Bridge, and 2018/19 diary, out now

The August 2018 issue of English Bridge is out now, and a printed version will be delivered to all eligible members in the next few days. The 2018/19 Members' Diary will also be delivered with this issue to those eligible members who have not opted out of receiving one. If you are not eligible to receive a diary, and would like to purchase one, they are available from the Bridge Warehouse.

Please note that some information in the diary may have changed since it went to print. Any amendments are listed on the diary changes page.

The online version, which contains extra content, is available via My EBU (use the 'Magazine' link in the top right corner of the My EBU webpage). More information on accessing and using the online version is available here.

Fun, friendship and the many other reasons why people play bridge

Because it's challenging, a great way to meet people, and endlessly enjoyable - these are just some of the reasons why people play bridge.

As part of ongoing work research work being undertaken by English Bridge Education & Development, a survey was circulated in 2016 in which respondents were invited to answer the question 'why do you play bridge?'. Researchers at Stirling University, with whom EBED are collaborating, have finished analysing replies from over 6,000 players explaining why they keep returning to the table.

Prof. Sam Punch gives the following summary of what the answers revealed: "Bridge is a fascinating, competitive, engaging and exciting leisure activity that is an ever-changing puzzle. It impacts positively on player’s lives in many ways that transcends mental exercise, including friendship, socialising, travel and fun".

This blog from Sam and her colleague, Elizabeth Graham, gives further thoughts on the reasons people play, and the many benefits of playing bridge at any age.

The full report on the study is available here.

This work is just a part of the research with which EBED is involved. See its website for more information on other projects.