November 2018

Atthey Team Wins Online Knockout Plate

The Online Knockout Plate for 2018 has been won by the team of John Atthey, Claire Robinson, Tony Hill and Alan Wearmouth.

They beat the team of Ambrose Holmes-Mackie, Stefano Tommasini, Shahzaad Natt, Kiril Delev, Ankush Khandelwal and Alexandra Birchall by 18 IMPs in the final.

The 2019 Online Knockout Teams will start in January. Entries are open now and can be made through My EBU or with the Competitions Department on 01296 317203.

Andrew Eastwood wins again in online ladder

Andrew Eastwood has won the monthly ladder competition for the EBU's online games for the fourth time in five months. He finished with an average of 67.24% from his best four results in the month.

The games are held on Funbridge every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. You play with, and against, robots so you don't need a partner and can stop and re-start as often as needed. Master Points are awarded in every game, and there are cash prizes for the best players each month and across the year.

Free game: on New Year's Day you will be able to play for free, so if you haven't already tried the games it will be a great chance to do so.

December issue of English Bridge out now

The December 2018 issue of English Bridge is out now and will be delivered to eligible members in the next few days.

The online version, which contains extra content, is available to members via My EBU (once you have logged in use the 'Magazine' link in the top right corner of the My EBU webpage). More information on accessing and using the online version is available here.

2018 Sim Pairs prize winners drawn

At this week's AGM the 2018 Sim Pairs prize draw took place. Each host club, and the top pair at each club, were entered in to a draw.

The full list of winners, including the runners-up from the prize draw, and the overall winners for each heat, can be seen here. The winners of the top prizes were:

Pairs winners
1st Prize - £1000 per pair Roger Poulter & Mark Denny Eastbourne Bridge Club
2nd Prize - £500 per pair Sue Cretch & Phil Cretch Alton Bridge Club
3rd Prize - £200 per pair Sandra Nicholson & Krys Kazmierczak Summertown Bridge Club
Club winners
1st Prize - £1000 Maidstone Bridge Club Kent
2nd Prize - £500 British Airways Bridge Club Middlesex
3rd Prize - £200 Bletchingley Bridge Club Surrey

The 2019 entries for all events are open now. We hope you will take part as the proceeds from each of the events helps to support bridge in England.

  • The British Sim Pairs (in January, April, July and October) and Club Stratified Sim Pairs (in March) help to support the work of the EBU in providing services to you, the members, and to your clubs and counties
  • The Bridge England Sim Pairs (in February) helps to support England's international squads
  • The EBED Sim Pairs (in May and September) helps to support the work of the charity English Bridge Education and Development

For more information on the competitions, and how clubs can register to take part, see the information via the Sim Pairs webpage.

Contributions to bridge Recognised at AGM

The EBU presented awards in recognition of various members' contributions to bridge in England at the AGM in London yesterday.

* - presentations to be made at another time

Congratulations to all recipients, and we thank them for their contribution.

The Young Player and Young Pair of the Year awards had been previously presented. These recognise outstanding performance for England's Junior teams and were made to Kripa Panchagnula and Toby Nonnenmacher & Kyle Lam.

EBU accounts - an overview of income and expenditure 2017-18

Every year, the EBU’s annual accounts are made available. This year's account were approved by the Shareholders at the AGM yesterday, and are available online alongside those from previous years which are available at

We are aware, however, that some people find this information a little impenetrable, so some charts were created to give a simple overview of the source of the EBU’s income, and where the money is spent. These can be seen by clicking 'read more'. We hope this is interesting and useful to you in understanding how the EBU’s finances are structured.

Board and Standing Committee nominees announced

The EBU AGM took place on 28th November. The following people were elected/re-elected to the EBU Board and Standing Committees:

The Board
There were five nominees for four positions. The votes received were as follows:-
Elected for a three year term of office expiring in 2021: Jerry Cope - 59 votes; Ron Millet - 56; Anthony Golding - 47
Elected for a two year term of office expiring in 2020: Graham Smith - 45
Not elected: Barry Capal - 26

Bev Godfrey has stood down from her role as an appointed member of the Board and we thank her for her service.

The Selection Committee
There were three nominees for two positions. The votes received were as follows:-
Elected: Mike Bell - 51 votes; David Burn - 45
Not elected: Peter Hasenson - 23

The Laws & Ethics Committee
There were two nominees for two positions, therefore no election was needed. Both will join the committee for a three year term.
Sarah Bell
Alan Wilson

To see the current members of the Board and Standing Committees, click 'read more'.

Free places on Club Teacher Training Courses available in 2019

We are pleased to announce that, in conjunction with English Bridge Education & Development, free places on Club Teacher Training Courses are being reintroduced in 2019.

These courses, which are run by EBED and available to EBU-affiliated clubs, are intended to enable members with a motivation to help bring more players in to the game - and specifically in to their club - to run lessons.

A list of the courses which are currently available, can be seen on the EBED website. It is intended that more will be added in due course. Information on how affiliated clubs can apply to attend the course at no cost is also available on the EBED site.