March 2019

White House Juniors Tournament

The U26 team (pictured) had a very good week at the White House Junior Internationals event, in the Netherlands, having reached the semi-finals. The EBU had two teams taking part in the event:

U26: (Pictured left to right) Dominic Price, Andrew McIntosh (NPC), Ben Norton, Shahzaad Natt, Charles Bucknell, Stephen Kennedy, Tony Ye

The U26 Women were: Ewa Wieczorek & Olivia Bailey; Siyu Ren & Laura Covill; Hanna Tuus & India Leeming; NPC: David Burn

Club Teacher Training Courses

There are still places available for courses taking place next month. Don't delay, book TODAY.


Exeter Bridge Club - Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th April 2019

You can see more information about the course here, as well as our Course Catalogue for 2019.

Really Easy Weekend 5-7 April

The next Really Easy Weekend is to take place at the Wroxton House Hotel, near Banbury on the 5-7 April.

The hotel has 5 double rooms still available that they are prepared to release to EBU members for the price of a single occupancy room.

Please book the hotel accommodation directly with the Wroxton House Hotel quoting ‘Group Booking Reference EBU/BK014781’. Please book accommodation before booking your bridge with the EBU to ensure rooms are available.

A bespoke package has been arranged at the Wroxton House Hotel. This includes dinner, bed and breakfast with sandwich lunch on Sunday. Tea and Coffee will be available after each dinner, during the daytime bridge sessions, and with Sunday lunch.

New membership benefit available

The EBU are please to announce a newly available additional benefit of being an EBU member.

IAM RoadSmart have offered to give all EBU members (plus family and friends) a 10% discount on their advanced driving courses.

It doesn't matter what kind of car you drive (automatic, manual, SUV, people carrier or electric), you can train and take your test in it. it is the standard of driving that is most important.

For more details visit the Additional EBU Membership Benefits page.

Byrne & Caplan win Portland Pairs

Michael Byrne & Dinah Caplan (pictured) have won the Portland Pairs. This Mixed Pairs competition was played at twelve venues around the country, and scored across all 246 participating pairs.

Michael & Dinah played at Richmond and finished with a score of 64.64%. Dinah Caplan is one of the older tournament winners at 86.

Todor Tiholov & Marion Robertson, who also played at Richmond, were second with 64.28% and Robert Elliott & Tanya Genthe, who played at Billericay, were third with 64.05% (pictured).

Which Codes Should be Used for Sessions?

When uploading your club sessions, you want to make sure you use the right code as the EBU has a number of different Universal Membership subscription codes.

  • Code 10 - Normal club session charged at the standard subscription price for the date it was played, plus any county charges
  • Code 04 - Novice Session without magazine points. No UMS is charged; uploading results for properly constituted Novice Sessions using this code is optional and is normally only used when a code is needed to upload results for display by Pianola or similar organisation
  • Code 22 - Novice Session with magazine points. Half the standard subscription price. No master points are issued and the event is not graded for the NGS
  • Code 11 - ‘Social or supervised sessions’. Sessions for which a full rate is charged (as they do not qualify as a ‘novice’ session), but the session should not be included in the NGS and no Master Points should be awarded (e.g. some players receive guidance). The sessions do qualify for magazine points

November 2019 Update - there is now a new code 12 available for mentor sessions. More information available here.

For more information see the recent Club Management Focus article; Information on Novice Sessions and full list of UM Subscription Charge Codes

If you need any further information on submission codes, please contact our Club Liaison Officer, Jonathan Lillycrop - or 01296 317206.

New Search Box

We have now launched a new search box with more capability than the previous search function. This should allow you to find articles and information more easily on the EBU site. The results will be displayed slightly differently and some visitors may see adverts, depending on their browser software. However, it is hoped that this will improve the relevancy of results.

Job vacancy for Club Liaison Officer

We are recruiting a new Club Liaison Officer, to co-ordinate the development and delivery of services to affiliated clubs. Whilst requiring a presence in Aylesbury on a regular basis, the job involves significant travel around England visiting clubs and county organisations often requiring overnight stays.

For more information, and details of how to apply, see the job description. Please contact Karen Durrell to apply, or to ask for further information.

EBED Appointments

As planned, Andy Margetts has now formally taken over as Chairmanship of EBED following the retirement of Andrew Petrie. EBED is also pleased to announce that Terry Hewett, Mary Sharp and Douglas Wright have joined the board of trustees following the retirement of Gary Ames and David Waxman. For more details, see the EBED website.

GDPR Update

As many of you will have read in this months Club Management Focus, we have been updating the wording of our Data Protection Arrangements to make the details surrounding GDPR clearer. These updates are now complete, please take the time to read the new documents on the GDPR page.