October 2019

Funbridge - Extra Games in November

This November there will be two extra 12-board games taking place each weekend.

This weekend the games will be in match-points. From next weekend there will be one 12-board game with IMPs and one 12-board game with match-points. 

There will be Master Points available for all the games.

The extra weekend games are taking place in addition to the regular games which will continue to take place every day Midnight to Midnight, with Monday and Friday games being scored by IMPs. 

For more information please visit the Funbridge website.

Max Bavin

We were saddened to learn of the sudden death of Max Bavin. He became the Chief Tournament Director of the EBU in 1986, at which point he was already directing at both European and World championships. He then became CTD of the World Bridge Federation in 2003. Max left the EBU at the end of 2012, and retired from his role with the EBL and the WBF a few years ago.

His long time friends John Williams, Antonio Riccardi and Eitan Levy have written heartfelt obituaries.

He will be sadly missed and we send our condolences to his family.

There is also a personal note from WBF President Gianarrigo Rona on the WBF website and an obituary in The Telegraph.

The funeral will be at Bierton Crematorium on Mon 28th October at 2pm and afterwards at the Horse & Jockey. Max's son Ben has asked that anyone who would like to say a few words get in touch with him at ben.bavin@canaccord.com or via his Facebook page. A tribute webpage has also been set up in memory of Max.

If you are unable to attend the funeral in person, there will be a live video feed which you can view here. Login code: 18814, Password: fvdxvjbp. If you can't view live, there will be a podcast available for the next seven days, from approximately one hour after the funeral, please use the same details to view this.

Burgess & Dhondy win Two Star Pairs

The Two Star Pairs, the main competition at the Autumn Congress, has been won by Ollie Burgess & Heather Dhondy (pictured, trophy presented by David Burn, left). They finished with a score of 58.19%, 1.7% ahead of Philip Wood & Graham Osborne in second place, and Mike Bell & Ben Norton were third with 56.14%.

The Two Star Pairs was the second competition in the 2018/19 Player of the Year Championship, and Ollie and Heather are new entries at 13th in the standings. Graham Osborne's second placed finish moves him into first place.

Applications invited to provide hotel accommodation for the EBU

Our current agreement with our hotel/holiday organiser comes to an end early in 2021 and we are willing to consider applications from other travel operators to provide this service, which involves running two holidays abroad for us each year as well as finding hotel accommodation and playing areas for about 15 congresses and other competitions in England. Further details from gordon@ebu.co.uk.

Sicily Congress Winners

Another successful overseas Congress has come to an end, with a number of players enjoying success in the week's events in Sicily.

Tom Gisborne & Sandy Davies were the winners of the Swiss Pairs, finishing on 141 VPs. Celia Oram & Derek Oram were just 2 VPs behind in second place, with Malcolm Lewis & Nicky Adamson in third on 131 VPs.

The Swiss Teams was won by David Stevenson, Liz Commins, Dee Lindon & Peter Lindon (pictured) who finished on 135 VPs. Jimmy Ledger, Dodo Georgevic, Geoffrey Herbert & Maureen Ledger were second with 131 VPs. The team of David Stevenson, Liz Commins, Dee Lindon & Peter Lindon also won the overall Pivot Teams.

The full list of winners was:

  • Pre-congress pairs: Paul Littlewood & Fiona Littlewood (picture)
  • Swiss Pairs: Tom Gisborne & Sandy Davies (picture)
  • Ladies's pairs: Paula Hopkinson & Pat Dowdeswell (picture)
  • Men's pairs: Frank Wharton & Emile Lawy (picture)
  • Mixed pairs: Geoffrey Herbert & Maureen Ledger (picture)
  • Open Pairs: Emile Lawy & Frank Wharton (picture)
  • Pivot Teams: Red & Overall - Liz Commins, Dee Lindon, David Stevenson & Peter Lindon (picture); Blue - Val Mollison, Ann Owen, Paul Mollison & Cath Fox; Yellow - Sandy Davies, Vivianne Norling, Tom Gisborne & Par Ljungqvist;
  • Swiss Teams: David Stevenson, Liz Commins, Dee Lindon & Peter Lindon (picture)

The next Overseas Congress takes place in Rome, 5th - 11th February 2020.

Allfrey Team Wins Gold Cup

The prestigious Gold Cup, organised by Bridge Great Britain, has been won by Alexander Allfrey, Andrew Robson, Mike Bell, Tony Forrester, Graham Osborne & David Gold (pictured).

They defeated Simon Gillis, Odin Svendsen, Hugh McGann, Tom Hanlon, Glyn Liggins and Espen Erichsen (pictured here) by 24 IMPs in the final. The defeated semi-finalists were the Brock and Senior teams.

The Gold Cup provided the first scores in the EBU's Player of the Year Championship, with the Allfrey team taking an early lead. The next scoring event is the Two Star Pairs at the Autumn Festival.

East & Leese head list of winners at Really Easy Weekend

The Autumn Really Easy Weekend has taken place in Midsomer Norton, just outside Bath.

The main competition of the weekend, the Swiss Pairs, was won by Anne East & Gill Leese (picture), with Kate Webb & Jan Edwards in second and Dawn Mertens & Carol Williams in third.

The other winners across the weekend were: Friday Afternoon Pairs - Kate Webb & Jan Edward (picture); Saturday Afternoons Pairs - Anna Collett & Michelle Cox (picture); Saturday Evening Teams - Dawn Mertens, Carol Williams, Josephine Jackson & Vicky Bevan (picture).

The next Really Easy Weekend, aimed at less experienced players, takes place at Wroxton House Hotel, near Banbury, in April 2020.