Tournament Focus: Winter 2009

L&E Corner

by Jeremy Dhondy

Convention Cards

The L&E wish to remind players that:

  1. Players in all tournaments are expected to have two identically completed convention cards. These cards can either be any version of the EBU cards available at tournaments or their on line equivalent available from the EBU web site. The cards should be exchanged at the beginning of each round.
  2. The WBF convention card is not permitted in most EBU events (The Spring 4’s and Premier League are exceptions to this). Players have an obligation to produce the correct card. Players may call the tournament director if these are used by their opponents at their table.
  3. Overseas players at our congresses have the same requirements and the competitions department will send them an electronic version of EBU20B when they enter.
  4. Clubs are free to do as they wish in this respect and many rely mostly on the front of scorecards but the EBU recommendation is that players do have some simple statement of their agreements available for their opponents.

Reporting of Psychic Bids at EBU tournaments

  1. Players may report a hand to the director if they wish. This might happen if, for example, an opponent has psyched.
  2. In almost all circumstances the director will complete the recording of hand form.
  3. If a player has asked for a hand to be recorded he should expect the director to show him the completed form.
  4. These forms are reviewed by the Laws and Ethics committee.
  5. Clubs or Counties may follow any procedure they think suitable in this respect but are welcome to use the report of hand form available from the EBU website if they wish.

Further information

Jeremy Dhondy, Chairman