Tournament Focus: Winter 2009

Letters to the Editor

In the last edition of Tournament Focus, Andrew Petrie asked: "One final issue -- one of our members has pointed out that, apart from Brighton, the EBU has no midweek events. We would be very interested in hearing from people who would be interested in attending a 2-day mid-week congress." A number of you have let us know your thoughts, here are some:

"Yes, my wife and I would be interested in attending a mid week Green pointed tournament but, for us, it would have to be south of Birmingham." --Alan A. Brown

"I feel there would be some potential and from a personal perspective would welcome such events. I am surprised that a seniors event has not been considered but this would be no help to me as in spite of being retired (very early) I do not meet the qualifying age. YCBA run a seniors one day event which attracts around 20 tables and Bridlington BC have a two day mid week congress which attracts around 12-15 tables per day even though the venue is in East Yorkshire." --Julia A Staniforth

"Yes, one of my partners & I could be interested in a mid-week congress, depending on location, etc. Wednesday/Thursday would be best to avoid our club nights! (Blewbury Bridge Club)." --Michael Allen

All of your comments will be passed on to Andrew and the Tournament Committee, and they will reply in the next edition.

Other emails concerned the look of the Focus. Here’s one:

"When I read this document, I do so on the computer. If you cannot amend the layout so that I can read it without having to scroll up and down each page, I shall give up reading it. It is a computer document. We scroll down. We do not scroll up..." --Basil Barnett.

Thank you Basil and others, we have now changed Tournament Focus into solely a web based newsletter in the hope that it will make it more "user friendly". However, this new format might not be to your liking at all. Let us know if you like it, or preferred the old style. We need your comments please, so that we can make a decision in future editions.

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We welcome all comments, letters, emails and suggestions, so please let us know at our email address, or via snail mail to: Matt Betts, Tournament Focus, Broadfields, Bicester Road, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP19 8AZ.