L&E Matters
by Jeremy Dhondy

Convention Cards at EBU events

Tournament Directors at EBU Events have been asked to do some checking that competitors do have two properly completed convention cards. It's fine to use computerised versions as long as the format resembles the EBU one (or WBF if allowed in the event). It is open to the director to either fine pairs who ignore this requirement or require them to play EBU simple systems until they do comply with this requirement.

The WBF card may ONLY be used in Level 5 events. It is also permitted in BGB's Gold Cup and Silver Plate events.

Announcing (5C and 5D of the Orange Book)

It maybe worth restating what should be announced as some players are extending the range of announcements to suit themselves. You announce only the following:
  1. Any natural 1NT opening. You should include any agreement to have a singleton in this announcement.
  2. Stayman and red suit transfers to a 1NT opening where there has been no intervention.
  3. All NATURAL two level openings whatever the strength.
Nothing else is announced.

Alerting doubles (5E2 and5E4 of the Orange Book)

Players are reminded that the current rules for alerting doubles since August 2006 are that ONLY the following doubles are alerted.

Up to and including a double of 3NT

  1. if a suit is bid naturally then any double that is NOT take out.
  2. if no trumps are bid naturally then any double that is NOT penalty.
  3. if an artificial bid such as a transfer response to a 1NT opening is made then any double that does NOT show the suit is alerted.

Above the level of 3NT only a double that does NOT show the suit doubled. Please note that this includes Lightner doubles.

When the new alerting policy came in directors were asked to show some latitude to competitors in the first year to eighteen months but now that this period has elapsed directors MAY choose to fine those who fail to follow the correct alerting procedure. In the recent survey conducted by the EBU there was no mandate for changing our alerting policy and indeed a significant vote for not tinkering with it further. The L&E have taken this on board and, whilst they reserve the right to clarify any situations where this is necessary, do not plan any wholesale change.

Finally: Dress Code

The EBU has relaxed its dress code over the years, hasn't it? Guess the year and person for this quote:

"The EBU, although making occasional noises, has allowed its congresses to resemble a gathering of ragpickers & apprentices. The hotels don't like it, naturally. Let those who complain of poor standards of accommodation begin by discarding their patched jeans and buttoning up their shirts."

Jeremy Dhondy
Laws and Ethics Committee