Club Committee News
by Graham Jepson

Most counties have elected their County Club Representative (CCR) for the five new Regional Club Committees due to meet for the first time in the autumn of 2011. Clubs should get in touch with their county association to establish contact with their CCR, whose task it will be to liaise with clubs and represent their interests at county, regional and national levels. If your county does not yet have a CCR, please consider whether anyone at your club might be suitable and willing to take on this important role. If there is, please inform your County Secretary. Your Club, County and Country need them!

The interim National Club Committee has completed its task of helping clubs understand the issues surrounding universal membership and assisting them through the transition period of P2P. The EBU Board thanks them for all their time and effort that were voluntarily given.

It is hoped these new Regional Club Committees will assist clubs and counties in adapting to the new wider implications of an EBU membership that has almost doubled in size and will help develop ideas for their region's membersÂ’ needs to be considered and fulfilled. I wish all the volunteers success in this new initiative.

Krys K, the EBU Club Liaison Officer, is also available for general help and advice to clubs:

For more information on EBU club services and benefits see the article in the previous issue of Club Focus:

Graham Jepson
EBU Board of Directors
Chairman of the Interim National Club Committee