Club Focus: Winter 2011

EBU Simultaneous Pairs Cost Reduction and Calendar

From April 2012 the EBU is taking the running of its Sim Pairs events in house. This has enabled a reduction in price. All Sims prior to that should be booked with ECats at

We are pleased to say that from April 2012 the EBU will be charging its clubs for Sims as follows:-

Entry fee per player: £2.50 per person* - this is for provision of electronic commentary booklets, travellers and hand records.

Paper versions of the above will be available via post at £8 per pack of 20, on request.

We will also be making the EBU Sims available on five days of the week in three sessions per day (but a player may play only once a day!), so all our clubs and their members can take advantage of this new service from the EBU. There will be a different set of hands on each day.

An online booking/registration facility for Sim Pairs will be made available for clubs through their member area on the EBU website in the New Year. Clubs will also be able to order the packs of travellers and commentary booklets using this facility. The following events can then be booked there. Clubs may wish to note these dates in their calendars.


Spring British Sims: 10-13 April + 16 April 2012 (Tues-Fri + Mon)**
EBU 75th Anniversary Sims: 8-11 May 2012 + 14 May 2012 (Tues - Fri + Mon)**
Summer British Sims: 30 July - 3 August 2012 (Mon-Fri)
Autumn EBU Sims: 10-14 September 2012 (Mon-Fri)
Autumn British Sims: 8-12 October 2012 (Mon-Fri)


Winter British Sims: 7-11 January 2013 (Mon-Fri)
International EBU Sims: 5-6 February 2013 (Tues-Wed)***
Stratified EBU Sims: 11-15 March 2013 (Mon-Fri)

Note that from April 2012 the BGB Sims are being replaced by the British Sims and will also be held on five days of the week (Mon-Fri) in three sessions per day.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Anna Gudge and Mark Newton of ECATs, a commercial company, for providing us with an excellent service over the years. They will continue to run our events up to April 2012. From that date onwards ECATs will still run their Children in Need Sims, the World Bridge Federation and European Bridge League Sims, and the Kidney Research event.

* The Stratified EBU Sims entry fee of £2 will remain unchanged.

** Not all in the same week, so as to avoid a clash with Easter Monday.

*** Two days only.