Club Focus: Winter 2011

Scorer's Corner

If you have upgraded your scoring software within the last six months or so, you will have noticed that there are now many options available in the ‘P2P charge rate’ box, whereas previously you could only choose between ‘normal’ and ‘P2P exempt’. There are various reasons for this:

  1. Where the event is ‘P2P exempt’, for auditing purposes we need to know why it is exempt, so we now have different codes depending on the reason. For example, you should be using code ‘06’ when you run a heat of the Children in Need Sim Pairs.
  2. Counties are charged at a different rate to clubs, as are district leagues and similar events.
  3. We are hoping in the long run that all licensed events will go through the P2P system, so that invoices can be raised, and Master Points credited, automatically. Of course, the fees for licensed events are different for normal club nights, so we have a whole new range of charge rates!

Depending on the Scoring Software that you use, you will normally select the charge rate whenever you set up a new event, but you should also be able to amend this retrospectively if you realise you have chosen the wrong one! Furthermore, please note that you can now still change it in the Club’s Members Area on the EBU website at the point at which you upload your P2P file.

The following table lists the charge rate codes that are applicable to clubs.

02Null Session. Used only for sessions that are not played e.g. to award Master Points for a final ladder. No charge will be made and no sessions credited to the participants i.e. this will will not form a credit for a magazine point.
03A clubs annual (once per EBU financial year) free session e.g. for a Christmas party or AGM. We dont need further details, but a meaningful description would be helpful if there are any queries.
04Teaching/supervised play session where 16 or fewer boards are played. Free of charge.
06Children in Need Simultaneous Pairs. Free of charge.
10Normal P2P club session charged at the standard EBU rate for the date it was played, plus any county charges.
22Approved novice session. Half the P2P price.

Rates charged are those in force when the session was played. For example, a club session played on 31/03/2011 is charged at the 2010/11 rate (29p) regardless of when the session is actually submitted to us.