Club Focus: Winter 2011

Easy Fundraising for your Club

by Margaret Eddleston and Krys K

Is your club trying to raise funds - perhaps for refurbishing your venue or acquiring an electronic wireless scoring system, or some other project? Did you know that your members, their families and friends can help raise funds for your club in a way which won’t cost them anything?

Raising money while shopping online

If your members shop online, by going through the EasyFundraising website your cause will benefit without them having to spend a penny more. The club and your supporters register with the site, and then each time that one of your supporters makes a purchase from one of the site’s partner retailers, the retailer will give a donation to your cause.

Since many people already do their online shopping with these companies, and there is no extra cost involved to them, it is a completely painless way for your supporters to help raise funds for your project. They pay exactly the same price as they would if they went to the website directly. The partner retailers include major household names such as Amazon, Argos, Boots, B&Q, Comet, Clarks, Debenhams, Homebase, M&S, RAC, Vodaphone, and hundreds more. Shoppers here give an average of 5% of their spend to their chosen charities. Please note that the Club does not need to be a registered charity.

Full details of how it all works can be found at

Another similar site can be found at

where the site donates up to 90% of all commissions received to your chosen charity.

If you, or someone you know, buy music online, you can try out

where, for every download you make, the site will give half the profit to a charity of your choice.

Raising money while searching the Web

Your supporters can also raise funds for you by switching from Google to Easysearch for making their web searches. EasyFundraising will donate half a penny each time a supporter makes a search. When you register for an EasyFundraising account, they will give your cause its own search page. If your supporters then set it as their home page and use it every time they make a web search, the pennies will soon mount up for your cause. See

You can also fundraise using the search engine at

Hitchin Bridge Club

If you don’t have a cause of your own to support, please consider joining as a supporter for Hitchin Bridge Club at

Hitchin is raising funds to finance the building of a new club house and community centre.

You can also help Hitchin by setting your home page as

If you then search the Web through that, every search will add 0.05p to their pot with no purchase required.