Club Focus: Winter 2011

Handedness in playing cards

by Krys K

Is your club taking care when ordering new packs of cards? On the market there are playing cards which have the numbers and symbols in only two corners instead of four. This means they are unsuitable for left-handed players. If they are spread in the "wrong" (left-handed) direction, the numbers and symbols cannot be read. Right-handers do not easily recognise the problem.

Some 10-15% of the population is left-handed, and it goes without saying that your club’s left-handed players should not be disadvantaged in any way. The advice is therefore to check carefully that any cards you intend purchasing do have numbers and symbols in all four corners.

It is also good practice to keep a few left-handed bidding boxes at the club for the benefit of those players who find it easier to use those rather than the more common right-handed ones.

The EBU Shop only stocks ambidextrous playing cards, of course. Left-handed bidding boxes are available, too.

Our thanks go to Margaret Clough for drawing our attention to this issue.