Appeal Focus: Winter 2011

If you are telephoned...

by Jeremy Dhondy

As a TD or telephone referee please be aware of some amended regulations for the 2011/2012 season

Clubs are no longer required to accept visitors if they do not wish to for heats of EBU events such as the National Pairs. This does not apply if a club is hired by a county or the EBU as a venue for an event. In this case the organiser has the say as to who plays or not.

There are some changes to the regulations regarding requests for rulings and appeals procedures.

They now say "You may still request a ruling as long as you do it within the protest period (up to when you have signed the final result sheet or prior to commencing the next set of boards, whichever is earlier). However, the longer the time lapse, the more difficult it is to establish the facts and Directors, like Tournament Directors in public competitions, may be less inclined to find damage which the player did not appear to be aware of at the time. However, the player who could not have known an irregularity had occurred will be in a stronger position than one who could or should have noticed but did not mention it at the time."

They are now the same as Gold Cup Regulations and full detail can be found in the EBU Conditions of Contest (Section 20)