Law Update
by Jeremy Dhondy

The WBF Laws Commission met at the recent World Championships in Veldhoven. They issued some guidance on Law 25A and added a footnote. John Pain reports

There has been some discussion recently as to whether actions by partner following a mishap in the bidding are legal when the TD has to apply law 25A. For example – You intend to pull out 1S but either because the bidding cards are sticky or the player has difficulty with the box 1NT appears on the table. Partner says 12-14 and you look down and splutter something like ‘but I opened 1S, why are you announcing’? The TD will apply Law 25A, 1NT will be replaced and 1S will be put on the table.

We all know that sometimes a change of mind is involved. Partner opens 1NT, you put down 2H and partner says ‘spades’. You then remember you are not playing transfers with this partner and you try to get it back from the TD. Of course this is not a permitted change under Law 25A.

The WBF Laws Commission have added a footnote to Law 25A which clarifies the position:

A player is allowed to replace an unintended call if the conditions described in Law 25A are met, no matter how he may become aware of his error.

Please add the footnote to your law book.