Club Management Focus: Spring 2012

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Please note that new information updating older articles is regularly published in Club Focus. Please always refer to the latest article on a particular subject. Articles will be removed from this index if the information is no longer relevant or has been superseded, but they will remain available in the original publications.

Banking for Clubs and the P2P System
Bridge Education: A New Way Forward
Bridge Table Repairs

Charitable Status – The Advantages
Club articles

Club Committee News Club Management Handbook Club Teacher Training and TD Courses
Computer Deals and Hand Records - Free (2010)
County Allegiance

Dealing Machines for Bridge Clubs (2011)

Easter Quiz – Etiquette and Ethics
Easy Fundraising for your Club
EBU Overseas Congress (2011)

Handedness in playing cards

Interesting Competitions for Clubs

Master Points


National Club Committee

National Grading Scheme (NGS) Update (2011)

Pay-to-Play Rebates (2011)

Scorers’ Corner

Stratification (2010)
Stratification for clubs (2011)
Summary of recommended changes from the P2P, Masterpoint & Licensing Review (2010)

What is the EBU doing for its Clubs? (2010)