Club Management Focus: Spring 2012

EBU Charity Registration and EBU Clubs

Since 2008 the Board of the EBU has been working to demonstrate the benefits that playing duplicate bridge can bring to its membership and to society as a whole. It is a wonderful game that provides enjoyment to many. It also aids learning in schools and helps older people continue to socialise whilst taking part in a stimulating game.

As an EBU affiliated club you are part of the national body that exists purely to develop duplicate bridge and support the infrastructure of duplicate bridge playing in England.

Your club can take advantage of the many services that are available to you and your members. The EBU’s registration as a charity will help us create larger communities of bridge players within our affiliated clubs. It will help us to develop beyond that which we have already started. We will:

  • Be part of a charity framework within which we can achieve more for duplicate bridge in England
  • Be more easily recognisable to those who may fund projects and thus:
  • Be able to get more people to learn to play duplicate bridge whether they are young, in their middle years or older
  • Be at the forefront of research in benefits of playing bridge to society
  • Be aligned with the Charity Commission demonstrating our commitment to transparency, accountability and openness in all that we do
  • Have charitable purposes in line with the Charity Commission’s promotion of amateur sport and education

Registration as a charity will allow us to continue our work demonstrating the public benefit to all those who play bridge throughout England. These developments will directly benefit our clubs.

Your club will not automatically become a registered charity when the EBU does. Affiliated clubs can take advantage of the ground breaking work that was undertaken by Margaret Eddleston at Hitchin Bridge Club who registered the first duplicate bridge club in England as a charity.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about registering your club as a charity please contact