Scorers’ Corner

Do what your members want; make your submissions prompt!

Club members like to see the results of a duplicate as soon as possible after the event. Similarly, many of them are very keen that their Master Points are registered without delay. Now that the National Grading Scheme (NGS) is up and running, a lot of players can’t wait to see how their grading has been affected by the latest duplicate. This makes it more important than ever that the club’s scorers should submit the p2p file from the club’s duplicate to the EBU without delay.

Some scorers are very tardy with their submissions. Best practice is to send in the P2P file at the same time as you upload the results to the club website. Most clubs do this immediately at the end of scoring. For those that don’t yet do this, please help to keep your members happy by not delaying your P2P file submissions! If you are concerned that there might be a scoring error, don’t worry – you can always go into the club’s members area on the EBU website, delete the old file and upload the updated one as long as the p2p statement has not yet been raised, which happens on the 8th of the month after you upload the p2p file.

More reasons for uploading your club’s p2p files promptly: