Club Management Handbook
by Andrew Urbanski

We are today launching the Club Management Handbook which has been created to bring together in one place all the available useful information and advice for those who are involved in the running of an EBU affiliated bridge club in England. We are assuming a typical bridge club administered by and for its members, although much of the material will also be of value to clubs run by an owner or a dedicated club manager.

This Handbook should help you to introduce 'best practice' into the running of your club. Not all the ideas will be applicable to all clubs, but our aim in preparing this Handbook has been to help your club thrive and prosper, and we hope you will find it a valuable reference resource. This Handbook is not here to tell you how to run your bridge club, but is designed as something that you can ‘dip into’ whenever you need information or ideas about running your club.

In order to keep down costs and facilitate future updates the Handbook is being produced as an online publication only, which EBU club administrators may access on the EBU website when logged into the Member’s Area using the Club’s login details.

The Internet is nowadays the source of much valuable information. Wherever we have found it appropriate, we have included clickable links (highlighted in blue and underlined) to such information. Please bear in mind that organisations often have to re-arrange their websites and move particular pages, so such hyperlinks can easily become out-of-date. If a hyperlink is not working, please inform us.

We welcome improvements and ideas for inclusion in this work. If you have a suggestion or contribution, please email Andrew Urbanski, the EBU Club Liaison Officer, on

The Handbook is aimed primarily at established clubs. Anyone considering setting up a new bridge club should, in the first instance, contact Andrew on who will be able to provide advice and guidance including any relevant documentation

Andrew Urbanski
Club Liaison Officer