Appeal Focus: Autumn 2012


by Jeremy Dhondy

There is a small but steady trickle of correspondence about the explanation given about a Stayman response particularly at club level. Stayman is a request for partner to show a four card major if he has one. Simple statement of the obvious one would think BUT some players seem to think it shows a major. Others believe that the announcement should be altered to "Promissory" or "non promissory Stayman". The L&E rejected just such a request recently noting that even if a pair were playing simple Stayman and did not use the convention to show a balanced raise to 2NT perhaps without a major many club players would play that 2C followed by 3C would show a long club suit and no ambition so that rarely would 2C ever be strictly "promissory" A proper explanation should, of course, be given on the convention card.