Tournament Focus: Spring 2010

Recent Winners

Congratulations to the following players who have won EBU competitions since our last Tournament Focus:

Ranked Masters 2010
Premier GrandPaul Hackett and Tony Waterlow
GrandDavid S Jones and Rob Lawy
Premier LifeRobert Miller and Daniel Baines
LifeNeill Harcus and Philip Town
RegionalMike Wenble and Jim Chapman
NationalLorraine Jones and Peter Owen-Smith
MastersSylvia New and Jolanta Coggle
Harrogate Spring Congress
Open PairsGrahame Weir and Mike Theelke
Mixed PairsAlan and Jette Bailey
Swiss PairsRoss Harper and Paul Hackett
Swiss TeamsRichard Pike, Dave Robinson, Jackie Pye and Jeff Smith
Madeira Congress
Pre-Congress PairsHoward Basden-Smith and Marion Miles
Swiss PairsIan and Clare Fearon
Ladies' PairsSue Evans and Marian Wilcox
Men's PairsDennie Loynes and Dick Rutter
Mixed PairsMaris Sheppard and Alan Cooke
Pivot TeamsKrzysztof Strykier, Bartosz Chmurski, Jacek Kalita and Krzysztof Kotorowicz
Open PairsDavid Taylor and Liz Hall
Swiss TeamsKrzysztof Strykier, Bartosz Chmurski, Jacek Kalita and Krzysztof Kotorowicz
National Swiss Teams 2010
Hugh McGann, Tom Hanlon, Ben Green and David Bakhshi
London Year End Congress 2009
Swiss PairsTom Paske and Ed Jones
Open PairsPhillip Levi and Stephen Jacobs
Mixed PairsPhilip Town and Frances Liew
Swiss Teams A FlightJonathan David, Gunnar Hallberg, Graham Osbourne and Paul Hackett
Swiss Teams B FlightBrian Crack, Shirley Goldwin, Audrey Disbury and Chris Loha
Blackpool Year End Congress 2009
Open PairsSheila Galloway and Bridget Vickerman
Mixed PairsKath and Alan Nelson
Swiss PairsKath and Alan Nelson
Swiss TeamsStuart Norris, Malcolm Robinson, Austin Barnes and Rod Greenhalgh