Club Committee News

The latest round of bi-annual Regional Club Committee meetings, followed by the National Club Committee meeting on the 20th November, have all taken place; the minutes from the latter will be available shortly at

For minutes of your Regional Club Committee meeting, please contact your Regional Chairman. Contact details for these, and all the County Club Representatives, can be found here: (the ones with asterisks by the county name are the Chairmen for the various regions). Would those County Reps who didn’t manage to attend their recent Regional Committee Meeting please make every effort to attend the next one.

The Committees are finding their feet and making a real difference to the flow of information both from the membership grass roots to the EBU Board and vice versa. It is important to understand that these committees are not decision making bodies but act as a conduit for clubs to make their views known to the EBU Board as well as providing a mechanism for the EBU to channel information to the clubs in an organised and concerted manner by providing a forum for discussion on the topics which are close to clubs’ hearts.

Topics discussed recently include the NGS, the forthcoming Blue Points, Stratification of events, the growing number of Sim Pairs events, Daytime Bridge (see article in next month’s English Bridge), Teacher and Director training for clubs, and the necessity for clubs to ensure they have a properly documented club constitution including disciplinary procedures (see Jeremy Dhondy’s article also in this issue of Club Management Focus.

If your club has any issues which it wishes to raise, please do get in touch with your County Representative and get your voice heard where it matters!