Conduct and Etiquette

Select your opening lead before writing the contract on your score card, or entering it into the Scoring Device.

The opening lead must be made face down and leader’s partner offered the opportunity to ask questions, before the lead is faced.

Score cards must not be left open on the table.

Always shuffle the cards before returning them to the board (unless the director has asked you to sort it e.g. the next player to play this hand is disabled); this is particularly important after passing the hand out, so that there is no indication that the previous table passed out the hand (see Law 7c).

If something goes wrong call the Director before the situation gets any worse.

North should always check that opponents and boards are at the correct table before the round begins.

Do not leave the last result showing on the Scoring Device screen when moving away from the table.

The Stop Card should be placed on the table before the bid to which it refers, and the Stop procedure adhered to (pausing for 10 seconds before replacing the card and the next player bidding) so as to prevent the possibility of Unauthorised Information (UI).

When partner makes an artificial bid of 3NT or below or an opening bid higher than this that is artificial, Alert it straight away, even if you are not sure of the precise meaning, or need time to think about it. If you do not have a specific agreement about a bid, say so, rather than offering possible explanations.

When making a claim do so in a manner which ensures that your opponents will understand how you propose to make the tricks claimed.

Unless you are the last person to call in an auction always put down a Pass card rather than tapping the table to indicate that you do not intend to bid.

If, however inadvertently, you hold up play at the start of a new round, please remember to make a polite apology for keeping your opponents waiting.