Blue Points for Club Events
by Andrew Urbanski

A new type of Master Point called Blue Points will be introduced on 1st January 2013. The object is to facilitate more local events where members can earn points counting towards ranks currently requiring Green Points. Thus all Master Points ranks will allow up to 50 Green Points to be replaced with Blue Points in the ration of 3 Blue = 1 Green. Members will, therefore, be able to reach Premier Regional rank entirely with Blues or with a combination of Blues and Greens, but require Greens for higher ranks. Blue Point awards will use the current Local Point Scales where 100 Local Points = 1 Blue.

Clubs will be able to award Blue Points for their Club Pairs and Teams Championships (but see below**).

These must be 2 session events, but may be held on separate days and may be a qualifier followed by a final. A Pairs Championship may also be a ‘Ladder’ competition held over several sessions, where the bonus points will be Blue Pointed.

The Blue Point events will be closed events (i.e. members only) but casual visitors may play if the club so wishes.

**If the club decides not to run the Club Pairs and Teams Championship as Blue pointed, they may hold two 1-day, 2-session events open to any EBU member, but not a sim pairs or restricted entry event such as Mixed Pairs.

See our Blue points page for a complete description of the Blue Point Scheme, including licensing costs etc.