Club Management Focus: Winter 2013

Scorer's corner

How to deal with visitors to your club when submitting session results files

Please note that if a visitor plays at your club you should always enter their EBU number into the scoring program and table top scoring device (if you use them) unless the person specifically asks you not to (i.e. they wish to remain anonymous to the EBU).

If you do not enter their EBU number, they will be identified as 'Guest' and they will not receive any master points that they have won and their NGS grade (and that of their partner) will not be recalculated.

So, to clarify: identifying someone as a 'Guest' should only be done for people who wish to remain anonymous to the EBU (for whatever reason), whether they are a member of the club or not, or for people are not members of the EBU. It is not intended that 'Guest' should identify visitors who are not members of your club but are still EBU members.

Passed-out hands

If your club uses a table top scoring device please emphasise to your members the correct procedure for entering a hand which is 'passed-out'.

The correct action is to enter "all pass".

We are aware that some players enter "not played" and this is incorrect - the board has been played, albeit quickly and uneventfully.