Club Management Focus: Winter 2013

Club Information Listings

Information on the Club Map

On our website we have a map which tries to show every club in the country.

Along with the location of the club it also gives the times of your sessions, and some information about your venue. Such information can obviously be very helpful to potential members, visitors, or league opponents.

We are aware, however, that it is not always completely accurate. The venue or its facilities may have changed, a committee member is no longer the contact for enquiries etc.

We would therefore suggest that you check the listing to ensure that your details are correct, and also that you check it periodically (particularly following an AGM or change of roles within the club) to ensure that the information has been updated.

You can also check that your club is located in the correct position on our map. To check this information choose the Interactive Map option from the right menu, and either type your club name in the search box or zoom in on the map (this will show all clubs in your area).

If any information needs to be updated, please notify Kay of any changes -