Club Management Focus: Spring 2014

Scorer's corner

In light of some club results which were inaccurate, and have led to members not receiving masterpoints or an NGS regarding, we want to remind you that it is easy to change the results or information from a session which you have submitted to us.

You have two options. If the change is relatively minor - a different person played than you had recorded, for example - you can go to your sessions list, click on the session involved and then click on the entry you want to amend. Make the changes and click Update and the changes will be saved.

If the change is more involved than this, you could still use the above method if you want, but that would get a bit tiresome. Much simpler would be to delete the session entirely (click on the session in your session list and click the Delete button) and then re-upload the corrected session.

Please note that you won't be able to do either of these things if we've processed the session for master points. You'll always have at least a week to correct a submitted session, and you should encourage your members to check their results promptly so that errors can be recognised. If there is a delay in realising there has been a mistake, and the points have been processed, let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Please remember that we have a help page for scoring and submitting sessions on our website, which includes video tutorials.