Club Management Focus: Spring 2014

Club affiliations

The following clubs have affiliated since the last Club Management Focus or will be affiliating within the next month:
Totteridge BC on 14 January 2014
Orpington BC on 01 April 2014
Oshwal South London BC on 01 April 2014
Bridge @ Kippington on 01 April
‘Dip Your Toe In’ Bridge (date TBC)
Caledonian School of Bridge on 01 April 2014
Devon School of Bridge, on 9th April 2014
Naphill BC on 01 April 2014
KIB (Keep it Basic) Bridge in Bexhill on 01 April 2014

We welcome them all and wish them every success as EBU affiliated clubs.

All clubs are reminded that an EBU logo which displays you are an affiliated club is available, and can be downloaded from

Don't forget, your Club Liaison Officer, Andrew Urbanski is always available for advice and assistance. In addition, make sure you are aware of the Club Management Handbook.