Club Management Focus: Summer 2014

Guidance for Clubs Wishing to Apply for Charitable Status

The English Bridge Union has recently concluded discussions with The Charity Commission to provide a standard application process for those EBU affiliated clubs which wish to apply for charitable status as a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation).

A new section of the EBU website which contains all the resources, links and guidance that your bridge club will need to make such an application will very shortly be made available as a link from the Member’s Area (when logged in as the club).

You will need to download the Approved Governing Document (AGD) which is a variation of the EBU’s Model Club Constitution. This document will replace your club’s current constitution so be sure to study it very carefully and understand the implications of its content. You will need to fill in the blank portions of the document appropriately as you need to submit the completed document with your application.

The following documents will be available from the new web page:

  • AGD and accompanying notes to help complete the AGD
  • The Good Governance Code
  • ‘Purposes and Public Benefit Guide’ and notes
  • Links to all the relevant Charity Commission resources and the application process

The advantages of registering as a charity can be found by following this link.

If you need further assistance the please contact our Club Liaison Officer, Andrew Urbanski, by emailing or calling 01296 317206.

A number of EBU affiliated clubs have already completed the process of becoming a Charity. As of July 2014 the list is as follows:

And a number of others are in the process of applying or considering the possibility.