Club Management Focus: Summer 2014

NGS to Include Teams Events

The formula for calculating an individual’s grading, as per the National Grading Scheme, is being updated so that it will include results achieved in team events. It is being tested with results from some events in July, and will hopefully be introduced for all members and all EBU-certified teams events shortly after that.

You should have received information from General manager Barry Capal, and Chairman Jeremy Dhondy, regarding the software requirements for including teams events in NGS.
That information is here:

If you wish teams games to be scored and used for NGS purposes then currently Teams Scorer is the only suitable scoring programme. It is free and can be downloaded at, or alternatively copies and technical assistance (which may be needed if using google chrome) can be acquired via Other programmes, including Scorebridge, can, if you prefer, continue to be used for all other games.

Negotiations are continuing between the EBU and Scorebridge to seek to resolve the situation.

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