Club Management Focus: Autumn 2014

Welcome to Club Management Focus.

Welcome to the Autumn edition of Club Management Focus, the newsletter for all those concerned in the administration of clubs. I hope you will find some useful information in it. Please let us know if there are topics you would like us to cover in future editions.

May I highlight the opportunity to reclaim gift aid on membership subscriptions open to our clubs? This will involve some administration for someone on the club committee but will produce a useful additional sum to assist in defraying the expenses of clubs. The relevant section in the newsletter indicates how to progress this.

Last June our international teams all won medals in the European championship, only the second time this has happened for any European country and they all qualified for the world championships in Chennai in 2015. In February we hold a simultaneous pairs to assist us in raising funds to help these teams compete. If your club doesn't play may I recommend it to you as an event you may care to join in?

Finally the Autumn Congress in Peterborough saw a Really Easy Afternoon pairs event held with two clubs joining in playing the same hands. 74 relatively inexperienced pairs over the three venues had a good time and it seems an excellent way to introduce novices to a slightly more competitive game. Please see the section in this newsletter if your club might wish to join in a future event.

The next newsletter, the Winter edition, will be sent out in February 2015.

Jeremy Dhondy